Family Friendly Apps and Animated Movies Seven Sayings. Logline: A crucifix party arrives at Golgotha known as place of the skull, where Christ is nail to a cross. Compelling Story: Christ utters final thoughts, as his Mom shares trauma with a new blended family. From the cross, we hear his final seven concerns, as he suffers a mystifying injustice before victory in a new beginning. His passion is love. Few believers are present. And his mother shares a guarded truth with her sister Mary, a converted friend Mary Magdalene, and the disciple John that Jesus loves. Our distant Monk ‘picture a small Caesar from Planet of the Apes’, brings a humorous smile, throwing a rock nailing doubt straight to the head of a dis-believer. This close-up exposes the many human doubts that we all experience: Creation - mystery - betrayal - motive - family - belief - sex - race - politics. Seven sayings identify him as the Son of God in Spirit, but scripture also says that his hair is like wool. If Jesus is Savior and also God (Creator), “Why humiliate him-self to death?” Bible writers predict this epic over a thousand years before 4 B.C. - 30 A.D., when this real event changes history forever. He answers, before Abraham (was) - I am (The Beginning and The End).

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