HUFFINGTON POST: Hundreds Of Phils Hope To Take Back #IStandWithPhil Hashtag From Phil Robertson


“Phil Campbell spends much of his time amassing people who share his name to help the residents of a small Alabama town also called Phil Campbell that was ravaged by a tornado in 2011. A documentary about the group, "I'm With Phil," and the the social media hashtag #ImWithPhil promoted his philanthropic efforts.

But he told HuffPost Weird News that his campaign to bring the world's Phil Campbells together has now been hijacked by supporters of Phil Robertson, who are using the #ImWithPhil hashtag to show their support for Robertson's statement that homosexuality is a "sin," or to stand up against television network A&E's supposed breach of "freedom of speech" in indefinitely suspending Robertson for his remarks.

There's even a website and petition,, which calls for A&E to reinstate Robertson. Campbell said that flies in the face of his goals.”

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