EXAMINER: I Stand with Phil petition: Twitter reportedly blocked reinstatement site


“A pro-Robertson website called iStandwithPhil.com has been flagged on Twitter as containing malware and won't allow users to go directly to it from its website.

#IStandWithPhil has been trending on Twitter for almost a week, and the social media giant wouldn't allow users to go to the site because it had mistakenly flagged the URL as spam. Late on Dec. 23, 2013, Twitter removed the block and a spokesperson released a statement.

"We have restored access and apologize for the error," the spokesperson said.

iStandwithPhil.com is run by an organization called Faith Driven Consumer. It posted the "I Stand With Phil" petition demanding that A&E reinstate Phil Robertson to "Duck Dynasty." The site also wanted a formal apology issued to his family.

In just four days, the petition had 195,000 of the 200,000 signatures that it wanted for its goal.”

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