Interactive Shopping Game Guides Faith Driven Consumers to Most Compatible Brands


Americans will spend nearly $15 billion this week, and 41 million consumers now have a fun way to access transparent scores making clear which brands they should choose

(Raleigh, NC, February 3, 2016)—Faith Driven Consumer™ (FDC)—representing 41 million Americans who spend $2 trillion annually, has earned wide recognition for its groundbreaking (FEI), which scores more than 400 major brands for compatibility with the FDC community. On Monday, the group released data measuring the faith compatibility of Super Bowl advertisers, and today is releasing an interactive #SuperBowl shopping game to steer its community toward the most compatible brands.

“Millions of Americans will buy food, beverages, decorations, TVs and electronics, and other items for family Super Bowl parties. We’re encouraging our community to actively do business with the brands that score highest in welcoming them,” said Chris Stone, Certified Brand Strategist and founder of Faith Driven Consumer. “The game we created offers everyone—both in the consumer and brand communities—a fun way to interact, understand, and share Faith Equality Index scores.”


Too see the Interactive Game, click here: 

How the Game Works

The interactive Faith Driven Super Bowl Party game gives Faith Driven Consumers the ability to uncover the faith compatibility of the major product brands they’ll be shopping, across 10 categories. Each time a user finds one of the ten embedded product categories in the game, they will be entered to win a $25 gift card to buy a few items for their #SuperBowl party. When someone finds all ten Super Bowl product categories, they’ll be entered to win a $250 Walmart gift card to fund their whole party.

About the Data Behind the Game

The FEI Super Bowl Guide rates brands in the Beverage, Cable & Satellite, Candy, Electronics Retail, Fast Food, Food, Footwear, Grocery, and Sports Retail categories. It is based on the Faith Equality Index, which rates, on a 100-point scale, how well brands acknowledge Faith Driven Consumers by welcoming, embracing, and celebrating them, and is the benchmark FDCs use to make consumer choices—through the lens of their biblical worldview. The spending statistic of nearly $15 billion can be found here.


About Faith Driven Consumer

Faith Driven Consumer (FDC) is achieving marketplace and workplace equality for 41 million consumers who spend two trillion dollars annually. FDC envisions a world where inclusion is extended with parity to Faith Driven Consumers, who have the right to be celebrated as an essential color in the American rainbow of diversity. 

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