Is the New TLC Show “Answered Prayers” an Answer to Prayer?


In recent years, Hollywood has been making more entertainment products that Faith Driven Consumers want to see. While there are still not enough choices in the marketplace, every new faith-compatible offering is something we think is worth mentioning. And in the case of “Answered Prayers,” a new TLC show premiering this Sunday evening, we think it may be an answer to prayer—literally.

Hosted by Roma Downey (“Touched by an Angel”), “Answered Prayers” is about prayer and real-life miracles that we all want to see more of. This six-part series shares modern-day stories of amazing events that clearly depict the hand of God at work in the lives of ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances.  

Through a combination of touching interviews with the actual families whose stories are featured, real-life footage, and dramatic reenactments with actors, “Answered Prayers” skillfully tells stories of faith, hope and answered prayers that uplift, inspire and leave viewers looking forward to the next episode.  

Each hour-long episode features two captivating stories with strong Christian themes.  In the premiere, the first story focuses on prayer and a prompting by God that allows an Indiana family-of-five to miraculously survive an F-3 tornado that deposits them and their home three football fields away. 

The second story centers on a horrific Good Friday accident in which a young boy’s leg is critically severed in by a lawnmower. The father’s heart-wrenching guilt, depression and anger at God is treated honestly—as is his wife’s steadfast commitment to save their marriage while caring for both her husband and son, who eventually comes to the conclusion that his leg should be amputated. The way  God shows up and answers a very specific prayer at a critical point in the story not only warms hearts but sets the stage for subsequent episodes with more faith- and prayer-driven story lines.    

While “Answered Prayers” is well-written and respects biblical themes that will likely resonate with Faith Driven Consumers, discerning viewers may notice that the name of Jesus is not overtly referenced in the premiere episode. In addition, some details associated with the reenactment scenes fall short—particularly the mountain setting used to depict non-mountainous Indiana in the first story. That said, however, the overall production values for the series are high and to be commended.     

“Answered Prayers” is produced for TLC by LightWorkers Media, a newly formed venture among MGM, Hearst Entertainment, Downey, and her husband Mark Burnett (SON OF GOD, “The Bible” miniseries, “A.D. The Bible Continues”). It airs this Sunday, July 26th at 10 p.m. ET / 9 p.m. CT on TLC.

Tell us what you think:  Is “Answered Prayers” the sort of faith- and family-friendly television you’re looking for as a Faith Driven Consumer?

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