Dear A&E Network,

I am writing to you regarding your network's intolerant, discriminatory, and punitive treatment of Mr. Phil Robertson, star of A&E's #1 hit show, Duck Dynasty.

Mr. Robertson’s comments in GQ Magazine are simply reflective of a Biblical view of sexuality, marriage, and family – a view that has stood the test of time for thousands of years and continues to be held by the majority of Americans and today’s world as a whole.

Many members of the LGBT community may not agree with this view, but the notion that a free-thinking American should be discriminated against simply for expressing a perspective that is in conflict with another is patently un-American and flies in the face of true tolerance and civility. A&E's position, which in your own words is “championing” the gay and lesbian community — which I believe you have the freedom to do — excludes the views of Faith Driven Consumers and effectively censors a legitimate viewpoint held by the majority of Americans.

As a Faith Driven Consumer, I am signing this petition to demand that my views be treated with equality and respect in America’s rich rainbow of diversity.

I am asking your network to immediately reinstate Mr. Robertson to Duck Dynasty, and to formally apologize to him, his family, and the millions of viewers who tune in every week, stand by him, and share his worldview. While the LGBT community may be offended by his opposing viewpoint, your rash, discriminatory, and unfair treatment toward Mr. Robertson — a recognized symbol of the faith community — is a slap in the face to Faith Driven Consumers and everyday Americans alike.

There are 46 million Faith Driven Consumers in America today who spend 1.75 trillion dollars annually. Should you refuse to equally respect and welcome our legitimately held views, we will gladly stop watching this and all other A&E programming and turn to any reformulation of Duck Dynasty on another network – while simultaneously supporting brands that stand with the show and the Robertson family.


John Q. Public



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  • Julie Friske
  • Darcy Tastad
  • betty conklin
    God save our country!
  • Brian Huntley
  • Wayne Bundza
    Its past time Christians stand up.
  • Fine Nguyen
  • Krist Atanasoff
  • jack mathers
    If we don’t stand together we will.
  • Jeff Duplantis
  • Jose Azaret
  • Angela K Whitehead
    As Americans we are guaranteed freedom of speech AND freedom of religion.
  • Joseph Bruhin
  • Wade Hawker
    It is truly a sad day in this Republic when freedom of speech is extended only to the minority, and the rights of the minority superceed those of the majority.
    May those with core values always stand for their beliefs, even in the midst of bullying from those who preach tolerance but truly don’t believe in tolerance themselves.
  • dayana jones
  • Ronald Keene
    Thank God for men like Phil that read the BIBLE, for it is the true word
  • robert mccann
  • Lorraine Wakefield Donlon
    Glory to God Our Father and His Word The Holy Bible Amen&Amen We Love you Phil and all people. The Truth is The Truth. Jesus chose us first. I choose Jesus. GL your choices are between you & God. The Love of Jesus Our Savior has blessed me to Love all without condition. Love & Light to all Thank you Father, Son, & Holy Spirit in Jesus precious name. Amen&Amen
  • Maria Solis
    Please reinstate duck dynasty’s Phil Roberts
  • Jeff Boodle
  • David Ross
  • David Casarez
    This great country was founded on Christianity not on new age beliefs and new sets of Morals. As the country evolves it’s morals or the lack there of seem to also change but as Christians we must be diligent in voicing the truth and reinforce and support those who share our beliefs. Remember as the LGBT have learned as well as other ethnic groups “The squeaky wheel gets the grease!”
  • Karen Urban
  • Sharona Brent
    “Barefoot Bob” would be very pleased along with many others who believe in our freedoms.
  • Śabrina Chatman
    I Love You Phil for Keeping it Real !!!
  • deborah Patrick
  • Jerry Gordon
    It is freedom to what wants and feels. Maybe some others should read the bible a little more. The one making the most noise do not believe in God.
  • Dennis Petrucelli
    Free speech is greatly threatened here in America
  • Dennis Ripka
  • john tague
  • Neil Griffith