Dear A&E Network,

I am writing to you regarding your network's intolerant, discriminatory, and punitive treatment of Mr. Phil Robertson, star of A&E's #1 hit show, Duck Dynasty.

Mr. Robertson’s comments in GQ Magazine are simply reflective of a Biblical view of sexuality, marriage, and family – a view that has stood the test of time for thousands of years and continues to be held by the majority of Americans and today’s world as a whole.

Many members of the LGBT community may not agree with this view, but the notion that a free-thinking American should be discriminated against simply for expressing a perspective that is in conflict with another is patently un-American and flies in the face of true tolerance and civility. A&E's position, which in your own words is “championing” the gay and lesbian community — which I believe you have the freedom to do — excludes the views of Faith Driven Consumers and effectively censors a legitimate viewpoint held by the majority of Americans.

As a Faith Driven Consumer, I am signing this petition to demand that my views be treated with equality and respect in America’s rich rainbow of diversity.

I am asking your network to immediately reinstate Mr. Robertson to Duck Dynasty, and to formally apologize to him, his family, and the millions of viewers who tune in every week, stand by him, and share his worldview. While the LGBT community may be offended by his opposing viewpoint, your rash, discriminatory, and unfair treatment toward Mr. Robertson — a recognized symbol of the faith community — is a slap in the face to Faith Driven Consumers and everyday Americans alike.

There are 46 million Faith Driven Consumers in America today who spend 1.75 trillion dollars annually. Should you refuse to equally respect and welcome our legitimately held views, we will gladly stop watching this and all other A&E programming and turn to any reformulation of Duck Dynasty on another network – while simultaneously supporting brands that stand with the show and the Robertson family.


John Q. Public



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  • Why should everybody get to voice their opinions. BUT CHRISTIANS?
  • It’s so sad when we as Christians are held to a standard of keeping beliefs to ourselves when this country was based on freedom to peacefully express and protest our opinions as well as One Nation Under God. We don’t get all unglued when ACLU and LGBT folks express their opinions of us so what is their problem. Also, there are a lot of other networks available to watch for us and THEM if they don’t want to hear what Brother Robertson has to say and we can just turn off A&E and support other networks. After all, America is suppose to stand for freedom to believe what you want and worship who you want to so what are those people doing here if they don’t share that EQUAL right with us since they demand that we share their right to be who they want to be. We, my family and I are believers in one GOD and HIS WORD and we know and accept that there are those who believe in their on gods yet we don’t kick them off of TV, we just turn the channel. Duh!
  • SIGN THE PETITION: To @AETV Demanding the Immediate Reinstatement of #DuckDynasty #PhilRobertson. #IStandWithPhil --
  • obviously, the word of God strikes a nerve with the folks of A & E, so they try to suppress it, but it’s NOT going to go away, just get louder !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • We need more people like Phil Robinson,who is a true beliver of His Word.Keep it up Phil,you can make a difference.Thank You.
  • I don’t normally watch A&E, but with actions like this I definitely will avoid their programs and their network entirely.
  • lets play fair and be a nice guy and bring him back !!!!!
  • I believe in everything that he stands for and believes in.