Latest Resource: 2012 Valentine's Day Shopping Guide


It is that time of the year again! In less than two weeks, we will be celebrating the holiday focused around love.

Click to download the latest 2012 Valentine's Day Guide from FDC!

As you prepare for this holiday of celebrating the ones you love, you can use the latest Faith Driven Consumer Valentine’s Day Guide to show you how you can be faithful to your beliefs when purchasing from companies that sell Valentine’s Day gifts. This guide sheds light on 15 companies that you may shop at when searching for the perfect gift!

Simply click the Valentine’s Day Guide picture and download your very own PDF copy!

From purchasing cards, specialty items, jewelry, and everything else in between, now is a time when you, as the consumer, can actively support companies that are compatible with your values. Download this guide and share it with others!

As Faith Driven Consumers, we need to be cautious of the stores where we choose to shop this holiday. Remember the companies in which you choose to invest your money to give money elsewhere or promote their products in a certain way. The places the companies give your money and the way the companies use your money to promote their products may not align with your values as a Christian.

Let’s use our money this Valentine’s Day to honor God in our purchasing decisions and support faith-friendly businesses in the marketplace. Let’s focus on honoring Christ as we share His love with others.

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