Latest Resource: Spring Shopping Guide 2012


It is that time of the year again! As Easter is fast approaching and the spring is in full swing, now is the time you can be intentional with your shopping decisions.

Click to download the latest 2012 Spring Guide from FDC!

As you knock off items from your to-do list for the spring, you can use the latest Faith Driven Consumer Spring Guide to show you how you can be faithful to your beliefs when purchasing from companies in various industries.

Simply click the Spring Shopping Guide picture and download your very own PDF copy!

From shopping for your annual spring cleaning items, buying the newest clothing line to hit the racks, making a new craft and stocking your shelves with the latest deals at your local grocery store, this guide is your resource.

As Faith Driven Consumers, we need to be cautious of the stores where we choose to shop from on a daily basis.

Remember the companies in which you choose to invest your money to give money elsewhere or promote their products in a certain way. The places the companies give your money and the way the companies use your money to promote their products may not align with your values as a Christian.

Let’s use our money this springtime to honor God in our purchasing decisions and support faith-friendly businesses in the marketplace. Let’s focus on the sacrifice He has made for us by sending His son, and sacrifice our preferences for companies that align with what we believe.

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