Love this idea - have been talking to others about it. But you need to do BETTER Research

Really disappointed you are giving so much attention to COMPANIES THAT SUPPORT ABORTION.  

Please do more research.  Many companies while not Funding Planned Parenthood Directly - instead Fund them through other charities that then Donate to PP or other Abortion Supporting groups - UNICEF and others.

I for one do NOT donate to companies that support Abortion.  

I also DO NOT expect money I donate to a charity - to then get funneled into groups that Fund Abortion.  But groups like Susan B. Komen, United Way, Girls & Boys Club, to name just a few ALL give money to PP or other Abortion Supporting Groups.  

There are plenty charities out there.  And plenty of businesses.  We Can and SHOULD do better.  How many Abortions have been funded by Christians and Others who Don't Support Abortion but are doing so unknowingly through seemingly GOOD companies and charities.  

I will be praying you give this SERIOUS consideration.  I know if I was a CEO I would't donate to such organizations and I would be proud for others to know it.  It would Only Increase sales to be such a beacon.  It is a shame such SHAM companies in that respect are currently being propped up on your list.  For example, check out 2nd vote.


A Consumer Moved by the Holy Spirit

Thanks for your time

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