Media Watchdog Group Releases List of “Dirty Dozen” Pornography Enablers in America


Faith Driven Consumers called to take action

As Faith Driven Consumers, we know at a gut level that 
pornography harms.  We’ve seen its destructive impact on individual lives, marriages, families and society as it has become increasingly tolerated – even celebrated – in our culture during the last 60 years.

We also know from the Bible that God’s created intent for human sexuality is a glorious picture of male and female coming together as one flesh in complementary design, dignity and beauty – with each bearing the image of God in one-man, one-woman marriage that brings forth new life and forms family units that become the building blocks for communities and society.  

Given that sexuality is a good, wonderful and powerful gift from God, we humans are called upon to steward it well – and encourage others to do so, too.  Here, we know that any expression of sex outside of God’s created intent necessarily degrades and dehumanizes those who participate either directly or indirectly – either as actors or consumers.     


Pornography – like all sin – comes to kill, steal and destroy.  As Faith Driven Consumers, we are called to heed the biblical call to expose the deeds of darkness and do our part to create communities that are safer for us, our neighbors and the generations to come.   

Last week, Morality in Media (MiM) released its “Dirty Dozen” list to expose the leading enablers of pornography in America today.  As a leading national organization dedicated to opposing pornography and indecency through public education and application of the law, MiM is calling on concerned citizens to take action and encourage those listed to change their ways and make America safer for everyone.

Check out the Morality in Media website and learn why each of these companies, organizations or government entities made the “Dirty Dozen” list. And for each one, you can take specifically targeted action to make your voice as a Faith Driven Consumer heard.

Beyond this, make plans now to direct the resources entrusted to you by God to those companies and organizations that offer better, safer and more faith-compatible alternatives.  The Faith Driven Consumer company review guide offers a place to start in researching alternatives that more closely align with your faith and biblical worldview.   

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