Modest Clothing Making a Comeback?


Many Faith Driven Consumers will remember the Duck Dynasty, “daddy approved” clothing worn by Sadie Robertson that was announced to great fanfare last year (it is still selling well by the way). Well, this week’s announcement by Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana that they’d be making designer head coverings and other items for women caused a huge stir in social media, and is now causing folks to ask a bigger question—is modest clothing for women making a comeback?

A Fox News story this week points out “Italian fashion designers are not the first in the fashion world to make a move toward modesty” and that “a growing desire for modest fashion has slowly made its mark on social media with a booming community of bloggers and online marketplaces selling to modest fashionistas.” 

“Fashion is about whatever is trending. It’s rare that you find a designer that does their own thing and goes against the current," Fashion Blogger Ruth Baron told FOX411. "Jewish, Muslim, Amish modesty is very in style. I hope it stays for a while. It’s flattering and beautiful. It shows a certain elegance.” 

There’s clearly a gap in the market, where demand is beginning to outpace supply, a signal that modest clothing is indeed making a strong comeback. 

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