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Just in time for Mother’s Day, the nationwide theatrical release of MOMS’ NIGHT OUT on May 9 offers moviegoers a rare combination of faith-friendly entertainment content that is genuinely funny and engaging from start to finish. Produced by Kevin Downes (COURAGEOUS, MERCY STREETS) and David. A.R. White (GOD’S NOT DEAD) and directed by Jon and Andres Erwin (OCTOBER BABY), MOM’S NIGHT OUT stars Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond, The Middle), Sarah Drew (Grey’s Anatomy), Alex Kendrick (COURAGEOUS, FIREPROOF, FACING THE GIANTS), Sean Astin, Andrea Logan White, Abbie Cobb and country music star Trace Adkins. As a comedy centered on what goes wrong when three stressed out moms take a long-overdue girls night out together, MOMS’ NIGHT OUT has broad appeal to both faith-driven and secular audiences.

Overall Faith and/or Biblical Relevance


With entertainment producers churning out a seemingly never-ending flow of content that appeals to the basest human instincts and often dismisses or openly mocks the Bible and biblical faith, MOMS’ NIGHT OUT respects Christian faith and values and centers its story line in the relationship between three moms who are all associated with the same church – with one being the pastor’s wife. Several scenes are set in the church itself or in Bible studies/women’s groups and motherhood is commended in ways that are realistic and esteemed – even in the context of some over-the-top comedy. The rollicking and laugh-out-loud story line that unfolds when the ensemble decides to take a break from their hectic roles and enjoy some adult time together away from the kids and husbands is compatible with Christian values and relevant to a culture that often demeans and undervalues motherhood.

Faith-compatible Depiction of Characters and Character Relationships


In the midst of various comedic twists and plot devices, MOMS’ NIGHT OUT depicts husbands who love their wives, wives who love their husbands and parents who love their children. The isolation and challenges of serving in ministry as a pastor, pastor’s wife and pastor’s kid are realistically presented as are the challenges of being a single mom balancing work and child care. And interactions with characters in secular contexts like a tattoo parlor, jail, restaurants and bars are respectful, winsome and heartfelt. Neighbors care for one another and the whole community turns out to find a missing baby.

In contrast to these positives, much of the humor in MOMS’ NIGHT OUT is driven by the portrayal of men as lacking godly leadership in their households and being stereotypically inept at childcare. A single, male friend of one of the husbands is stuck in perpetual videogame adolescence, and children are sometimes disrespectful and undisciplined in ways that some faith-driven viewers will find bothersome. Here, the characters seem to be more shaped by the culture rather than shaped by God and living differently.

Faith-compatible Depiction of Situations


While turning to God as a solution isn’t paramount for the characters in MOMS’ NIGHT OUT, faith-compatible situations are depicted as its wacky and not entirely unrealistic comedic plot moves from a home/church/family setting to the real world of a restaurant/bar, tattoo parlor, jail and hospital. In each of these contexts there are strong themes of caring for one another, familial love, neighborliness, and strangers helping others. The humor is often self-deprecating and delightful, and there is even an extended car chase scene that seems to be a sendup of American movie car chase scenes.

In the end, the message of MOMS’ NIGHT OUT is that while the job of mothering is very important and should be highly valued, moms are allowed to make mistakes and don’t have to be perfect.

Family Viewing Suitability


As a comedy that pokes fun of parenting and generally shows adults to be pent up and out of control, MOMS’ NIGHT OUT is probably not a movie to show to young children to teach them faith lessons. And with its PG rating, MOMS’ NIGHT OUT has some mild sophomoric humor and slap-stick violence. However, it’s a uniformly funny, highly engaging, family-oriented, faith-compatible film that teens and up can enjoy and feel good about spending time and treasure on.

Entertainment Value


MOMS’ NIGHT OUT is a fast-paced, well-made film with high production values that is cleverly written and genuinely funny. The acting is solid across the board and families and motherhood are held in high esteem. While some may be tempted to see it as a chick flick, guys will enjoy MOMS’ NIGHT OUT and resonate with its call to be good fathers and husbands. For faith-driven moviegoers looking for laughter and encouragement, MOMS’ NIGHT OUT makes for a great date night or family night out at the movies.

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