Moms' Night Out

Faith Driven Consumer Organizes #MomsNightOut to Celebrate Our Moms

Critics bash MOMS’ NIGHT OUT, but moviegoers love refreshing faith-driven comedy

Buy a ticket and go see MOMS’ NIGHT OUT. Here’s why:

The elitist movie critics are telling you not to!


They believe people like us – who celebrate the special place mothers hold in the family  – deserve ridicule and scorn, calling the faith-driven and family-friendly comedy MOMS’ NIGHT OUT “anti-feminist”, “archaic”, “depressively regressive” and “borderline dangerous”. By an overwhelming margin, they’ve panned MOMS’ NIGHT OUT.

However, Faith Driven Consumers like you know better than this. We know that motherhood is one of the most important jobs on the planet and women who choose to pour themselves into being moms should be celebrated at every turn.

Let’s prove the critics wrong and stand up for our MOMS!

Faith Driven Consumer is organizing a MOMS’ NIGHT OUT and we’d love you to join us. Simply buy a ticket here and take your family and friends to see this genuinely fun comedy this weekend. Then, tell the critics you stand for motherhood by sharing your purchase on Facebook and tweeting about it here.

MOMS' NIGHT OUT is getting rave reviews from mainstream and Faith Driven Consumer audiences across the nation who overwhelmingly love its laugh-out-loud humor and wacky story line that captures the real-life challenges of motherhood and celebrates, esteems and values them. Check out our Faith-friendly Film Review of MOMS’ NIGHT OUT here

Together, let's speak out with our wallets—put our money where our faith is by buying a ticket to MOMS’ NIGHT OUT.

By doing so, we encourage Hollywood to continue producing more products that resonate with us as Faith Driven Consumers.


Share! Buy Tickets Now


Note: It may take up to 12 hours to process the purchase of vouchers and receive them via email. For expedited service please call 1-888-207-1143 and an agent will take your order and provide additional details on electronic voucher delivery. A $0.50 transaction charge per ticket will apply.


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