Movie About Obama's Worldview Strikes a Chord With Faith Driven Consumers


“2016: Obama’s America” leads at the box office

The recent outpouring of support for Chick-fil-A was a powerful display of what happens when the worldview of a particular group stirs wallets to action in the consumer marketplace.

From the reports of last weekend’s box office figures, it appears that another example of Faith Driven Consumers in action is unfolding with Dinesh D’Souza’s new politically themed movie, “2016: Obama’s America.”

One of the defining characteristics of Faith Driven Consumers is how their worldview consistently affects every aspect of their lives.

For this group, their worldview is based on biblically driven faith and values – with little distinction made between the secular and the sacred.  Faith Driven Consumers see everything they do in the context of stewardship and seek to give honor and glory to God in their behavior and daily choices.

For Faith Driven Consumers, every choice – whether direct or indirect – matters and every choice has consequences.   Here, even choices like voting and participating in the American political process are a matter of stewardship – raising the questions, “Does my vote for a candidate or ballot measure reflect my values and Biblical worldview?” and “How can I know?”

Worldview Matters

While Faith Driven Consumers should make the effort to fully consider the worldview of all the candidates, an opportunity currently exists to explore the worldview of Barack Obama.

As the reviews roll in on “2016: Obama’s America,” one thing is clear:  Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary, which explores the largely unexamined worldview of Barack Obama, fills a void and strikes a chord for those who want to know more about the man who has led America for nearly four years – and who could lead the nation for the next four.

And who wouldn’t want to know more?   While some reviews are dubiously dismissive of D’Souza’s perspective, others offer more praise for the film and chide the media and commentators for missing a golden opportunity to more fully scrutinize Obama during the 2008 election cycle.  And while another review criticizes D’Souza for following theoutline of his book, what’s undeniable is that this low-budget documentary is leading at the box office.

Given the high stakes in the 2012 election, as a matter of stewardship, Faith Driven Consumers have an obligation to investigate more fully the worldview of the man who would be President – whether that isBarack Obama or Mitt Romney.  It’s a matter of stewarding the vote we’ve been given by God to most wisely choose our next government.

For a relatively small expenditure of time and treasure, Faith Driven Consumers can consider for themselves D’Souza’s thoughtful, reasonable and plausible perspective of Obama’s worldview that contributes to the understanding of the man and his actions as leader of the United States – and presently the world’s lone superpower.

Check out “2016: Obama’s America” for yourself – and encourage your friends to do the same.   See the movie trailerhere, find a theater near you, then pray and vote your worldview.

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