Multi-Million Dollar Family Business Walks the Talk


Duck Commander bucks the trend

In a family of self-proclaimed “redneck millionaires,” life can be a little wild at times. From hunting ducks to chasing beavers, the Robertsons are not your average family and their family business is anything but normal.

At a young age, Phil Robertson realized his love for hunting ducks. After years of dissatisfaction with duck calls, he began to experiment with making a call that would produce the exact sound of a duck. By 1972, Phil had patented a duck call that would earn his family business, Duck Commander, millions in years to come.

Today, Duck Commander stands as one of the leading producers and distributors of duck calls in the nation and continues to maintain its status as a family business. With Phil’s sons and their wives now in leadership at Duck Commander, the company has only seen growth.

In addition to duck hunting and producing duck calls, the Robertsons are now the stars of a new reality series on the A&E channel, Duck Dynasty. The show focuses primarily on the hilarious day-to-day activities of the Robertson family as they manage their business and run wild in the backwoods of Louisiana. After its season finale on May 23, the show finished as cable television’s number one show for the night with 2.6 million total viewers as well as in key demographic groups.

While Duck Dynasty markets the Duck Commander brand, the Robertsons have also used their stint on reality television as a way to promote their Christian faith and family values. With their motto, “God, family, and ducks…in that order,” the Robertsons are excellent examples of godly men and women living out their faith boldly in a world that increasingly denies God and mocks a Bible-based worldview and values system.

At the end of each episode, the family congregates around the dinner table or in a church to pray and thank God for their many blessings. The content on Duck Dynasty is wholesome and refreshingly entertaining and the stars refrain from using foul language commonly highlighted on other reality shows. And though family members may disagree with and tease each other, they demonstrate love and accept one another’s flaws – knowing that Christ is shaping their hearts daily.

From a business perspective, Duck Commander serves as a good model for how companies can succeed in the marketplace while expressing faith-compatible values that respect a biblically based worldview. Given the popularity of Duck Dynasty, there is clearly a receptive and viable marketplace for retailers that offer wholesome products and services – and operate in ways that reflect faith-based values to consumers who are actively looking for brands that buck the trends and boldly walk the talk.

As Faith Driven Consumers, we can positively and proactively choose entertainment – like Duck Dynasty – that aligns with our values and does not disrespect or ignore the Christian faith held by the vast majority of Americans and upon which this country was founded.

By choosing brands like Duck Commander over competitors hostile or indifferent toward Faith Driven Consumers, we encourage more companies to publicly display their faith in the marketplace and, one by one, help transform American culture into a more family-friendly place for this generation and the next.

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