NASA will not hire scientists who believe in Creation theory. Christians pay taxes that go to NASA, and this discrimintory practice is not right. There is sound scientific rationale for believing in Creationism that is being ignored in a biased fahion. Einstein proved other dimensions exist. NASA uses a mathematical equation to predict the possibility of life we don't know about or understand in other parts of the universe. Just because they know next to nothing about other dimensions (supernatural dimensions) or the supernatural life that exists in them, they want to ignore them and pretend they don't exist. But the fact will always be there that they cannot disprove God's existence, and they don't even have an intellectual leg to stand on in light of Einstein's findings and their own predicted life equation. It is pure conjecture and bias, as well as arrogance that leads them in a completely unscientific stance that God is a myth. Unfortunately, we have no Christian friendly alternative to NASA, but maybe with the help of the ACLJ we can force them to stop such biased practices.

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