National #ChristmasBUYcott Campaign Channels $30 Billion in Consumer Spending to Influence Brands


Last week, the Faith Equality Index ranking of 330 major brands earned big headlines, now the group behind the project is launching a major national effort to mobilize Faith Driven Consumers armed with $30 billion in order to determine the big winners this Christmas

(Raleigh, NC, November 9, 2015)—Faith Driven Consumer™ (FDC)—representing 41 million Christians who spend $2 trillion annually, has earned wide recognition for rating major brands in the consumer and entertainment spheres, and serving as a megaphone for the community. Last week, the group announced the first annual Faith Equality Index (FEI) which rates more than 330 major brands for compatibility with Faith Driven Consumers. Armed with an easy tool to choose where to shop, the group is now focusing its efforts on mobilizing 41 million Faith Driven Consumers in a massive #ChristmasBUYcott.

“Faith Driven Consumers are the largest minority market segment in the U.S., and have $30 billion dollars to spend this Christmas. Empowered with the Faith Equality Index, they represent an economic power block significant enough to create big winners in the marketplace,” said Chris Stone, Certified Brand Strategist and founder of Faith Driven Consumer. “A BUYcott offers our community a positive, proactive way to affect change, and we will absolutely use this opportunity to make progress toward our goal of achieving equality for Faith Driven Consumers.” 

ChristmasBUYcott_PR.jpg builds on last week’s launch of the 2016 Faith Equality Index. The Faith Equality Index annually rates, on a 100-point scale, how well brands acknowledge Faith Driven Consumers (FDCs) by welcoming, embracing, and celebrating them. This index is the benchmark tool FDCs use to make consumer choices—through the lens of their biblical worldview. 

The four steps involved in the national #ChristmasBUYcott campaign:

  • STEP 1: PETITION — Sign the petition asking brands to engage FDCs
  • STEP 2: ENGAGE — Contact “Best in Class” brands in a show of support 
  • STEP 3: RECRUIT — Recruit family and friends to do the same
  • STEP 4: LEAD — Gain FDC Plus Points and compete in leaderboards


According to American Insights, 93% of Faith Driven Consumers see value in a resource that allows them to easily identify the faith compatibility of brands, 86% are more likely to do business with a brand that welcomes them and acknowledges their values, 77% would switch to a more compatible brand, and 70% are actively seeking new brands.

Faith Equality’s Christmas Season Best in Class:

  • Airline: JetBlue
  • Automotive: Honda
  • Banking: BB&T
  • Beauty: Revlon
  • Beverage: Pepsi
  • Cable/Satellite: Dish Network
  • Computer: Samsung
  • Consumer Goods: Reckitt Benckiser
  • Craft Store: Hobby Lobby
  • Credit Card: MasterCard
  • Department Stores: Dillard’s
  • Electronics Retail: hhgregg
  • Fast Food: Chick-fil-A
  • Food: Tyson Foods
  • Health Insurance: Humana
  • Home Improvement: Menard’s
  • Hotels: Hilton
  • Insurance & Investments: Geico
  • Mail Delivery: USPS
  • Mega Retail: Walmart
  • Office Supply: Office Depot
  • Pharmaceutical: Astra Zeneca
  • Restaurant: Cracker Barrel
  • Retail Pharmacy: Walgreens
  • Travel Booking: Priceline
  • Wireless Carrier: Sprint


The $30 billion Christmas spending estimate for Faith Driven Consumers is based on a CNBC report on Christmas spending, which estimates $765 per person to be spent. To see the campaign website, go to


About Faith Driven Consumer 

Faith Driven Consumer (FDC) is working to achieve marketplace and workplace equality for 41 million consumers who spend two trillion dollars annually. FDC envisions a world where inclusion is extended with parity to people of faith, who have the right to be celebrated as an essential color in the American rainbow of diversity. 

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