NBC - use of Christs name a cuss word on TV

Recently NBC has allowed programming to air in which both Christ's name and Gods name have been used in a derogatory fashion.

In a recent episode of Revlolution 'Exposition Boulevard' at 4 minutes into the episode the characters 'monroe' and 'charlie' are walking down the path 'monroe' says something about charlie 'banging his son' and Charlie says under her breath 'Jesus'.

In a recent episode of Parks and Recreation 'Anniversaries' I believe the Leslie character says 'Oh my Fing god' at the end of the episode.

In a 60 minutes episode from Fall 2013 on a story about crocodiles Anderson Cooper says 'Jesus Christ'.

This trend to using the Lords name as a cuss word would have been unheard of 10 years ago but is becoming more and more prevalent.  Please write these stations when you hear this happening so they know that Christians will not stand idly by on the side lines.

In Canada, it is likely too late, and the Canadian Radio and Television Broadcast Corporation regularly shoots down these types of complaints saying it is no longer considered swearing or derogatory language.

Please Christians in the US stand up for this or your children will be exposed to this language on a regular basis before you know it!


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