PRESS RELEASE: New Poll: Faith Audiences Rate Movie or TV Trailer as #1 Influence on Purchase Decision


New Poll: Faith Audiences Rate Movie or TV Trailer as #1 Influence on Purchase Decision

New research reveals how to successfully engage faith audiences, what they prefer to consume, and how to effectively market entertainment products that resonate

(Raleigh, NC – October 8, 2014) — Faith Driven Consumer™, the group that emerged on the national stage last year with its #IStandWithPhil campaign that played a leading role in Phil Robertson's return to Duck Dynasty, continues to serve as an advocate for more than 41 million consumers who spend $2 trillion annually. As 2014’s “Year of the Bible Movie” enters its final phase, Faith Driven Consumer™ continues to measure the success of Hollywood films courting faith-driven audiences. 

Today, the group is releasing new research—from a national survey conducted by research partner firm, American Insights—detailing what Faith Driven Consumers, including the broader Christian market, want from the entertainment marketplace.

“This year, there have been a number of very successful efforts engaging faith audiences, and also some less-than-successful efforts. Overall, faith-compatible entertainment products have seen significant improvement in terms of quality. We’re seeing movies like HEAVEN IS FOR REAL that are better produced and much more polished than in years past. And while the actual product is better, some of the marketing efforts have fallen short. Our research shows clearly that there is significant untapped demand in the faith market, so success hinges on the ability to connect such a product with the audience that is most eager to be engaged,” said Chris Stone, Certified Brand Strategist and Founder of Faith Driven Consumer™. “Today’s research reveals that Faith Driven Consumers are passionate about entertainment products that resonate, and that in order to make them aware of these products, they need to be engaged not only directly, but also by influencers, such as pastors. This dual ‘pastor and pew’ strategy can ensure that every quality project meets its maximum potential in the marketplace, which is a win for everyone.”

The Faith Driven Consumer Survey by American Insights was conducted on a national sample of 2,400 self-identified Christians using one of the largest and most diverse online panels in the country, a methodology similar to recent New York Times polling. The survey was conducted September 3-7, 2014, on a representative sample matching U.S. Census demographics. The poll has a margin of error of ±2% for Christians and ±4% for Faith Driven Consumers, who were identified based on multivariate modeling of responses by the larger Christian sample and constitute a quarter of practicing Christians in America or 17% of the U.S. adult population—41 million people. Faith Driven Consumers are a rapidly emerging and economically powerful market segment. They are a qualifiable, quantifiable and distinct sub-segment of the overall Christian population.

How to Market to Faith Driven Consumer Audiences:

  • Seeing a Movie or TV Trailer is the #1 Influence on both Faith Driven Consumers and overall Christian audiences: 22% of Faith Driven Consumers (FDCs) say previewing trailers has the greatest influence on their decision to watch a movie or TV show.15% say television ads, and 12% say website ads. 29% of Christians overall say previewing trailers has the greatest influence on their decision to watch a movie or TV show.18% say television ads, and 14% say website ads. 
  • Both Direct Marketing and Church Marketing Matter in Reaching This Audience: Faith Driven Consumers are evenly divided on whether ads that reach them directly (44%) or a referral from church (46%) would most influence their decision to watch a movie or television show. Christians overall favor ads that reach them directly 53%-29%.
  • Faith Driven Consumers are More Partial to Movies than Overall Christians: When asked if they spend more time watching TV or movies, Faith Driven Consumers said they spend more time watching TV (74% TV to 23% Movies), as do Christians overall (79% TV to 18% Movies).
  • Faith Driven Consumers are More Dedicated Entertainment Customers: Faith Driven Consumers pay more often for entertainment products they value than the larger Christian market. When asked how often they pay to see a movie in theaters or at home...
    • Once a week or more: FDCs – 27%; Christians Overall – 21%.
    • Once or twice a month: FDCs – 22%; Christians Overall – 26%

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About Faith Driven Consumer

Faith Driven Consumer™ leads a movement of more than 41 million Americans, 17% of the adult population, who spend $2 trillion dollars annually. The group educates, equips and motivates Faith Driven Consumers to action in the marketplace of goods, services and ideas—offering resources for making more faith-conscious decisions, including reviews of companies and entertainment products. Recognized for its #IStandWithPhil, #OpenZilla, #FlipThisDecision, #IStandwithHobbyLobby and #NoahMovie campaigns, the organization continues to serve as an advocate for people whose faith informs their daily decisions in the marketplace. For more information go to:

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