NYC Bible Museum Is Out, DC Bible Museum Is In


Hobby Lobby’s Green family steps up as cultural elite donors get cold feet

It would appear that both free-market economics and biblical orthodoxy are important factors when it comes to the success of Bible museums.

In an interesting New York Post piece yesterday entitled, “The surprising truth about the Bible and modern bigotry,” Naomi Schaeffer Riley contrasts the failure of the secular Museum of Biblical Art in New York City with the planned 2017 launch of an eight-story, 430,000-square-foot Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC—funded by the Green family of Hobby Lobby fame.

Although no longer affiliated with the American Bible Society, Riley notes that the cultural elites who once supported the New York museum have stopped giving because they do not want to be linked to a “conservative, right-wing group” that espouses an explicit Christian mission. With donations down, the museum is set to close soon.

In contrast, thanks to the Green family’s financial largesse and commitment to both biblical orthodoxy and the preservation of ancient biblical texts and artifacts, their $800 million DC museum will offer millions of tourists—believers and nonbelievers alike—the opportunity to experience for themselves the treasures of the Bible and learn about its profound impact on “government, education, work, science, economics, fashion, art, literature and movies.”

While the success of DC's new Museum of the Bible will be ultimately determined by the marketplace, we suspect that God’s hand of blessing will be on it because the Greens take biblical orthodoxy seriously. 

Will you support the new Museum of the Bible next time you are in DC? 

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