Dear Faith Driven Consumer,

We need your help to #OpenZilla.

You’ve probably heard about Mozilla’s recent intolerance toward people with a biblical view of marriage. Last week – following a firestorm of protest from gay activists – the tech company known for its internet browser Firefox compelled its new CEO to step down simply because he, as a private citizen, contributed $1,000 to California’s pro-marriage Proposition 8 campaign…six years ago.

According to pro-gay advocates, it’s theoretically acceptable for companies like Mozilla to hire Christians as long as they are never permitted to assume leadership roles. The same people who claim to support equal treatment for everyone want to deny access to employment opportunities based on personal convictions – in effect a new “glass ceiling” for a faith-driven worldview. 

Faith Driven Consumer reached out to Mozilla to clarify what their policy is toward faith-driven employees, asking them to respond to three specific questions:

  1. Will faith-driven employees be discriminated against and forced into the closet for their personal views on marriage?
  2. Is there a “pro gay marriage” litmus test for working at Mozilla?
  3. Will the next CEO be required to openly express support for gay marriage as a condition for being hired?

While we wait to hear back, let’s make sure they HEAR from YOU.

By signing up for the #OpenZilla campaign, you can encourage Mozilla to tell us whether a company that prides itself on pioneering open source solutions will deny access to people of faith.

Taking action as a Faith Driven Consumer is easy! Simply click on the buttons below to tell and tweet Mozilla the message that true tolerance welcomes and respects the biblical worldview.

#OpenZilla – now is the time for Faith Driven Consumers to stand up to corporate intolerance and bullying and ask that Mozilla open itself up to true equality for all.

Chris Stone

Faith Driven Consumer


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  • Josemanuel Graciano Jr
  • Derek Deriquito
  • Peter van der Steur
  • Rebecca Proffitt
    They expect us to tolerate, but they can’t??? It goes both ways people!
  • Jessica Kelly
    Intolerance and hypocrisy at it’s worst!
  • Barb Melland
  • Jim Civitate
  • Francis Miller
  • Joe Kelly
  • Doug Worley
    Can and will Christian’s unite? I hope so but have doubts…
  • John Rule
  • Cindy Munisteri
  • Raymond Rupert
  • Colleen Gawryletz
    One has the right to chose and live by a standard of faith / belief system and they should not fear retaliation because of it. Gay rights activists are themselves promoting a right to chose so why when the shoe is on the other foot are they saying others cannot. Or is your agency / company only supporting the peoples right to chose what you wish them to believe. That is not a choice..that could be equated to black mail / prejudice.
  • William McNeal
    Tolerance only applies to those who are not christian. We are to tolerate all else but not Christian ideas or faith
  • Helga Brayton
  • Marlene North
  • Jay Johnson
  • Scott Fitch
  • jerry allen
    Unbelievable discrimination. If the role was reversed the ACLU would be all over this, so I say goodbye to Mozilla and back to IE.
  • Cyndee McGovern
  • Gerald Palumbo
  • Cheri Dawe
  • Robert Rivera
  • Charles Kelley
    I have used Firefox for many years and have been quite satisfied with the browser and have highly recommended it to many, many people. As of today I am removing Firefox from all 6 of my computers, and it will remain removed until your pro-gay, discrimination is ended with public apologies to your former CEO and to the ENTIRE religious community. Your action is totally discriminatory and will NOT be tolerated.
  • Jerry Clark
  • Randall Crews
  • Charlotte Robinson
  • Donna Finch
  • Joel Norgaard