Pamela Anderson plays Virgin Mary during Christmas season


Dec 08, 2011 4:37 PM

By Adaline Haseltine

This Christmas season, former Playboy Playmate, Pamela Anderson, will be featured on a Canadian Christmas special in which she will play the Virgin Mary.

The ‘ironic’ Christmas special aired this week on Dec. 1 with more than 2 million people tuning in to see her portray the Virgin Mary.

Though this Christmas special is aired only in Canada, Faith Driven Consumers should be very concerned about this nontraditional take on the story of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

The shows that currently air on American networks are already questionable enough, and a show that blasphemes the birth of Jesus is not what we want our families to see.

Faith Driven Consumers need to let television networks know that we do not want television shows which devalue the family and Christian morals. We want wholesome television. We want a truthful portrayal of the Christmas story.

Let’s congratulate networks that portray Christmas in a Biblical way. Further, let’s encourage networks to promote Christmas. ABC Family has its annual ’25 Days of Christmas’ celebrating Christmas with Christmas-themed movies and shows.

Be alert to the ‘Christmas’ shows your family watches this year and make sure that Christ stays at the heart of Christmas celebrations.


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