GOSPEL HERALD: Phil Robertson Facebook Petitions Draw Millions, Demand A&E to Return Patriarch to Duck Dynasty Cast


“Numerous online petitions and Facebook pages demanding the immediate reinstatement of Duck Dynasty's cast Phil Robertson have seen an explosive growth: 1.4 million liked "Stand with Phil Robertson" Facebook page and "Bring Back Phil Robertson" Facebook page around 978,000 likes as of Friday evening. 

In addition, IStandwithPhil online petition that demands A&E Network to immediately reinstated Phil Robertson and apologize to the Faith Consumer market has gathered over 136,000 signatures within a day. The organizers says that the everyday folks are responding to the blatant violation of religious freedom and bullying.

"People are literally speaking out by the tens of thousands and joining the cause," said Chris Stone, Founder of Faith Driven Consumer, according to a statement. "The signers are making a clear statement on A&E that its actions are censoring Faith Driven Consumers and eliminating them from an entertainment choice that people of faith overwhelmingly support."”

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