James Mutell

  • The federal government has targeted mainly white suburban religious communities for opioid addictions…how might you ask….look at Purdue pharmaceuticals the makers of oxycotin or prescription strength heroin…they marketed this opioid developed in 1916 Germany as non addictive…they used the Feds census to target zip codes….

    When the truth came out about the actual addiction rate…Rudy Guiliani steps in and prevents the DEA from investigating Purdue pharmaceuticals opium business…where does Purdue get the resources to create all this Oxycotin…(Afghanistan poppy)the defense department send illicit drugs to Purdue..they create a pill called oxycotin and how much does our insurance companies pay for these pills…all profit earned on the death of American children fighting a war based on corporate greed….how much Lithium is being stolen from Afghanistan..,a trillion dollars worth…
    HSBC bank pays our fed giv’t 2 billion dollar for DRUG MONEY LAUNDERING no jail,no details a transfer of monies…who is HSBC partner in this drug money laundering scam …..would it be PURDUE PHARMACEUTICALS….

    while Purdue stated oxycotin was non addictive they were business partners with Reckitt industries makers of Suboxone….

    Attorney generals from 26 states accepted a slice of Rudy’s 634 million dollar kickback scheme…the DA in those states protected oxycotin dealers in white lab coats,today the NSA sits back phone tapping and seines in America’s children from targeted communities as fodder for the BANK owned jail systems…

    Why is heroin so readily available throughout America’s suburbs with the capabilities f the NSA….their silence on the mater is DEAFENING..

    One more thing Purdue harmaceuticals is owned by Israeli Raymond Sakler who owns a pharmaceutical in Conn churning out prescription strength heroin called oxycotin…and medical schools in NY and Isreal churning out opioid dealing physicians….why is the Israeli allowed to target White Christian communities with his addictive drugs….

    these are the same tactics they used in the 70s when Mortimor Sakler marketed Valium as non addictive…..all for greed at the expense of the American public….why is Raymond Sakler not in jail?



    Victory!  Today, for the first time ever, the Supreme Court of the United States confirmed that profit-seeking corporations can hold a religious view under federal law.  The landmark 5-4 ruling favors Christian-owned companies Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood.

    In the ongoing battle for religious freedom in America, this is a huge victory for Christians who seek to steward their lives and businesses in accordance with their deeply held convictions and biblical worldview.

    While the context for this ruling was set within the onerous Obamacare mandate requiring companies to offer abortion-inducing drugs in their employee health plans, the implications for this ruling have much broader religious liberty implications for you and me and the companies that we support as Faith Driven Consumers.

    Let’s take a moment now to thank the brave and bold leadership of both Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood for standing on their faith and defending our constitutionally guaranteed religious liberty—pushing this case all the way to the Supreme Court. 

    Sign below to add your personal thank you to the letter we will deliver to Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood on behalf of Faith Driven Consumers nationwide. 

    Thank you for recognizing Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood who stood up for our First Amendment freedom of religious liberty. When we come together as Faith Driven Consumers and make our voices heard, we positively change a culture that’s becoming increasingly hostile to our right to hold and express biblical faith and values.


    Chris Stone
    Faith Driven Consumer