Regal Most Faith-Friendly Movie Theater Chain to See #StarWars, AMC Least


Faith Equality Index scores major movie theater chains during #ChristmasBUYcott campaign, actively channeling $30 billion in consumer spending toward the highest scoring brands; 77% of Faith Driven Consumers switch brands based on who is more compatible

(Raleigh, NC, December 7, 2015)—Faith Driven Consumer™ (FDC)—representing 41 million Americans who spend $2 trillion annually, has earned wide recognition for its groundbreaking, now scoring more than 400 major brands for compatibility with Faith Driven Consumers. FDC’s national #ChristmasBUYcott campaign, actively channeling $30 billion in spending toward the most faith-compatible brands, enters a new phase today with the release of yet another category, movie theater chains.

“Going to the movies over the Christmas holiday is a time-honored American tradition, and millions of families will pack theater chains to see Star Wars and other films this season. The difference is that our community, empowered by the Faith Equality Index, will actively choose theater chains that are more compatible than their competitors,” said Chris Stone, Certified Brand Strategist and founder of Faith Driven Consumer. “This highly motivated community of 41 million consumers is supporting brands that welcome them. In a highly competitive marketplace, Faith Driven Consumers will determine the biggest winners this Christmas—Faith Driven Consumers are good for business.”

The Faith Equality Index rates, on a 100-point scale, how well brands acknowledge Faith Driven Consumers (FDCs) by welcoming, embracing, and celebrating them, and is the yardstick FDCs use to make consumer choices—through the lens of their biblical worldview. 

Movie Theater Chain Ratings:  

  • Regal Entertainment Group: 40 (includes United Artists and Edwards) 
  • Carmike Cinemas: 37 
  • Cinemark: 36
  • AMC: 18


According to American Insights, 93% of Faith Driven Consumers see value in a resource that allows them to easily identify the faith compatibility of brands, 86% are more likely to do business with a brand that welcomes them and acknowledges their values, 77% will switch from their current to a more faith- compatible brand, and 70% are actively seeking such brands. 



About Faith Driven Consumer

Faith Driven Consumer (FDC) is working to achieve marketplace and workplace equality for 41 million consumers who spend two trillion dollars annually. FDC envisions a world where inclusion is extended with parity to people of faith, who have the right to be celebrated as an essential color in the American rainbow of diversity. 

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