Secretary of the Army Orders Halt to Use of ‘Domestic Hate’ Label for Evangelical Christian Groups

Secretary of the Army Orders Halt to Use of ‘Domestic Hate’ Label for Evangelical Christian Groups

The voices of Faith Driven Consumers are being heard

In a follow up to our previous post on a report from an Army staff briefing at Camp Shelby in Mississippi, U.S. Secretary of the Army John McHugh has ordered a halt to briefings by military leaders on extremist organizations that label Evangelical Christian groups as domestic hate groups.


In the memorandum distributed to principal headquarters officials at U.S. Army commands worldwide, McHugh noted:

“On several occasions over the past few months, media accounts have highlighted instances of Army instructors supplementing programs of instruction and including information or materials that is inaccurate, objectionable and otherwise inconsistent with current Army policy. For example, in two recent high-profile cases, Army instructors found information on the website of a particular special interest group that identified certain groups as ‘extremist’ in nature, and presented that information as part of their instruction. The groups identified in the instruction were not ‘extremist’ organizations as that term is defined in Army Regulation 600-20.”

Secretary of the Army Orders Halt to Use of ‘Domestic Hate’ Label for Evangelical Christian Groups

The memo goes on to order a standardization of such training programs to ensure consistency with Army policy by December 13, 2013, and orders that the standardized program of instruction and training then be disseminated throughout the ranks without deviation.

For Faith Driven Consumers who made their voices heard by contacting their leaders about this most recent example of religious intolerance by the U.S. military toward citizens who hold to biblically orthodox faith, this appears to be a successful outcome.

In America, we are blessed to live under a system where the government represents us. In those circumstances where a function of the government – in this case, the military – fails to represent the interests of the 46-million member Faith Driven Consumer market, we are called to respectfully and winsomely participate in the representative form of government we’ve been entrusted with.

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  • Remember, do not delay the day of your repentance. start now, no matter what you’ve done, or not done, you can be forgiven. And remember, here are more that be with us (righteous men, women, and children) than be with them (all others).

    Our Good God, and his Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ, prevails in the end. Stand up and be counted! Spread the word…he loves You! HE stands ready to accept you again. Go to your knees and thank Him for all His many blessings, and pray for those who stand in need of his redeeming Love…Homosexual men women and kids CAN be saved, but not in their sins…like so many other sexual sins, repentance is necessary to erase the wickedness of our past…and it’s worth the hard work!

    But what joy there is being welcomed home again. It’s been said that, “the angels in heaven shout for joy over even just one repentant sinner.” I know I’ve caused some shouting for joy myself…now let’s stand together and turn completely from sin, serving the evil one no more.

    May God Bless You as you work out your salvation through fear and trembling…with a humble heart, and a contrite spirit. He’s waiting for you.

    Be good, pass it on.

    sincerely, your brother in Christ, Patrick