So You’ve Decided to #BoycottTarget, Now What?


Hundreds of thousands of Faith Driven Consumers and other Americans are deeply frustrated with Target over its recent decision to allow men in its women’s bathrooms. We understand your frustration and anger; the question is—what do you do about it now? Some folks are calling for #BoycottTarget—the idea that you just stay out of the store.

The problem is—whether from the Right or the Left—boycotts are typically not effective.

Boycotts—like fast food—may feel good, but ultimately you don’t get what you need and the hunger for something better remains the same.

Enter the BUYcott—positively and proactively choosing to DO business WITH brands that are a better fit for you. When huge groups of people get together, go TO places, and let everyone know WHY, that is how you change the world! 

Ready to BUYcott other companies and send a message to Target?

Here’s a list of 10 places you can shop—based on our company review system called the Faith Equality Index—that offer a better fit when it comes to the values and biblical worldview of Faith Driven Consumers like you and me. Each is either a direct competitor to Target (like archrival Walmart) or offers products in competition with Target.

10 Alternatives to Target:


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