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Is there a specific business or organization you would like to see reviewed? Want to share some of your experiences – positive and negative – with companies? Feel free to leave suggestions here, and we'll get back to you.

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In-N-Out Burger

Hi, this company is a great alternative from TX to CA when you're out for a fast food burger and fries.  They put the Bible reference John 3:16 on their beverage cups.  In addition, they focus on food quality by using 100% pure beef free of additives, fillers and preservatives and keeping fresh and natural at the forefront -

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Sprouts Farmer's Market

When looking for organic or more natural food options for your family, Sprouts is a better alternative to Whole Foods, who uses money to support unbiblical causes.

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CC Video Duplication

We would like to be included in your Faith Driven Consumer database.  Our small, family-owned business gives discounts to Faith-based organizations on editing any project they have.  We are located in Melbourne, FL.
We will not work with or duplicate any "Adult" oriented company or material.
Feel free to contact us at 321-872-0300.

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Please add an alphabetical list of companies you have reviewed

I wanted to look up a couple of companies, but they each would fit in more than one category.  A simple A-Z would  make the search quick and simple.  Especially since you haven't reviewed on of the companies and I had to go through all possible categories to find that out.

Love this concept.   May God bless your work.

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Callahan Computers

Callahan Computers, in Portland, OR completely supports gay rights.  I'd like to see them listed on your web site as a place for Christians to avoid.

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Lowes - update

For the 'other' category - they offer a standing 10%, unconditional discount for all military and veteran's.  I use my VA card and receive a 10% discount store wide.

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Rating hotel/motel chains

I am always surprised that no one has posted a rating on hotel/motel chains. Chains that sell porno in the rooms via a service deserve to be called out and identified.  These businesses make millions on porno and we need to boycott them.

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