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America's Best Care Plus, Inc.

America's Best Care Plus is a national mail order pharmacy and medical supply organization. We have provided services to our national community since 1997. The pillars upon which we stand here at America's Best Care Plus align with Faith Driven Consumer's values. Please review our website:

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Goldhen Eggs distributed by ALDI, Inc.

I recently purchased Goldhen Farm Fresh Eggs, Grade A Large, from ALDI in Elizabethtown, KY.  Inside the 12 count styrofoam container was a Bible Verse quoted from Psalms 118:24; "This is the Day which the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it."

Product was produced and packed by (Rose Acre Farms [name not indicated]) P.O. Box 1250, Seymour, IN 47274.

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Pure Flix

Pure Flix Entertainment is the worldwide leader in faith and family-based entertainment and a Christian movie studio in Scottsdale, Ariz. that produces, distributes and acquires Christ-based movies. Pure Flix's vision is to positively influence the global culture for Christ through media. Last year, the company introduced a new subsidiary, Pure Flix Digital, a streaming video platform that seeks to serve families as a safe alternative to network/cable programming. Whether it’s on your television, laptop, phone, or tablet, Pure Flix Digital is your trusted destination for the highest quality, wholesome entertainment that’s now available anytime, anywhere. For more information, please visit

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Callahan Computers

Callahan Computers, in Portland, OR completely supports gay rights.  I'd like to see them listed on your web site as a place for Christians to avoid.

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Flip the Script

The best suggestion I have heard is for the rest of the Duck Dynasty family cast to all get a reporter and say essentially the same thing about gay persons and the bible that Phil said.   A & E would then either have to suspend all the family members and close their most profitable/watched show....or....they would have to flip their position and let them all back on. A & E is trying to cut Phil out from the family herd and stomp him down. Time for the family to circle back around him and reframe the process back at A & E and make them cave.   It would be fun to watch, maybe they should film the executives running around screaming and flailing, might be a good reality show possibility.

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Tractor Supply Company

Can you please check out Tractor Supply Company? I work for them and I would like to see them listed on here. We still have those good ole' fashion family values here and we are known for our conservative values!

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Fareway groceries store

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Winn Dixie

It is a Grocery store in the South. I am not sure where else they are. Thanks

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Christian Threadz

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Many people are becoming familiar with your organization. I think its time to include many more companies like GM and many, many more companies.

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Please review Starbucks.

In the past, they have strongly opposed Christians and biblical viewpoints.  

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Christmas present for Phil from me.

A crypto currency called "dogecoin" is to donate 500,000 coins to Phil for standing up against the media and his family sticking next to him.

Dogecoin are what? Click here->

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Any chance of a link to our group on your page?

Please join our group also, we have contact info of A&E sponsors and are boycotting them as well.

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TNT Exterminators

Christian company, that gives back to the community.

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Stay positive

The first thing I wanted to  do when DD came under attack was find some sort of camo to wear.  A headband, scarf or just pin a camo ribbon on my blouse.  My grand kids loved the idea.  DD Because of the show, would be easy to show support for.  It shouldn't be too hard to come up with ways to outwardly show support.



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The Truth About lending

they specialize in foreclosure, short sales pretty much help the home owner in Ft. Lauderdale Florida

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Starbucks Review

I have heard that Starbucks CEO said faith driven people should shop elsewhere & sell their stocks if they wanted to complain about the same-sex marriage policy of Starbucks.  I need to know what they really stand for as I buy all my daily coffee here. as well as "thank you" gift cards and occasional coffees out, too.  An arrogant display of immoral policy is not something I want to support.

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I stand with Phil change,

Make a new posting about the veterans benefits being cut. As the benefits are from taxes we all pay for this. I would rather have my tax dollars go to our vets than another government funded blunder. 


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Can you please do a check on Cabelas? 

I like shopping there and I would feel even better if they were more faith based.

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