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Stay positive

The first thing I wanted to  do when DD came under attack was find some sort of camo to wear.  A headband, scarf or just pin a camo ribbon on my blouse.  My grand kids loved the idea.  DD Because of the show, would be easy to show support for.  It shouldn't be too hard to come up with ways to outwardly show support.



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Rite Aid

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Can you please do a check on Cabelas? 

I like shopping there and I would feel even better if they were more faith based.

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I called Wal Mart and asked them to remove support for A&E if Phil Robertson is not reinstated.  I suggest you call as many of the commercial sponsors of DUCK DYNASTY and tell them by allowing A&E to remove Phil Robertson that they are standing with GLBT and GLAAD. That to remove their sponsorship send a message that they are unwilling to either become involved or they will not stand with A&E's stand against the religious community.

I felt to be as netural as possible gave a better chance to allow a commercial sponsor to withdraw from A&E.

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Church&State Coffee

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Petition for Phil on

Have you considered having a member of "Change.Org" also posting a petition for Phil?

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Please review Starbucks.

In the past, they have strongly opposed Christians and biblical viewpoints.  

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Callahan Computers

Callahan Computers, in Portland, OR completely supports gay rights.  I'd like to see them listed on your web site as a place for Christians to avoid.

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Suggestion for a site to add.


My site would be a great one to add in the following
categories: wellness, homebased business and
online retailers. The site is:
Thank you for what you are doing. It is so important
to give our business to businesses that are working
to do good in the world.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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Please add an alphabetical list of companies you have reviewed

I wanted to look up a couple of companies, but they each would fit in more than one category.  A simple A-Z would  make the search quick and simple.  Especially since you haven't reviewed on of the companies and I had to go through all possible categories to find that out.

Love this concept.   May God bless your work.

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Love this idea - have been talking to others about it. But you need to do BETTER Research

Really disappointed you are giving so much attention to COMPANIES THAT SUPPORT ABORTION.  

Please do more research.  Many companies while not Funding Planned Parenthood Directly - instead Fund them through other charities that then Donate to PP or other Abortion Supporting groups - UNICEF and others.

I for one do NOT donate to companies that support Abortion.  

I also DO NOT expect money I donate to a charity - to then get funneled into groups that Fund Abortion.  But groups like Susan B. Komen, United Way, Girls & Boys Club, to name just a few ALL give money to PP or other Abortion Supporting Groups.  

There are plenty charities out there.  And plenty of businesses.  We Can and SHOULD do better.  How many Abortions have been funded by Christians and Others who Don't Support Abortion but are doing so unknowingly through seemingly GOOD companies and charities.  

I will be praying you give this SERIOUS consideration.  I know if I was a CEO I would't donate to such organizations and I would be proud for others to know it.  It would Only Increase sales to be such a beacon.  It is a shame such SHAM companies in that respect are currently being propped up on your list.  For example, check out 2nd vote.


A Consumer Moved by the Holy Spirit

Thanks for your time

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CC Video Duplication

We would like to be included in your Faith Driven Consumer database.  Our small, family-owned business gives discounts to Faith-based organizations on editing any project they have.  We are located in Melbourne, FL.
We will not work with or duplicate any "Adult" oriented company or material.
Feel free to contact us at 321-872-0300.

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Church & State Coffee Co.

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Harvest Landscaping Enterprises, Inc.

Harvest Landscaping Enterprises, Inc. located in Orange County, California,  is a Christian family based business and they do their best to provide high quality service because they not only care about the business, but they care about people.  They listen to the needs of their customers because they know that people who sow good seeds and work to the best of their ability will produce the blessings of the Lord and an abundant harvest for everyone. 

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Forever And Always Online

We are a Christian family based business that believes in putting the Lord first in what we do. We do our best to find quality products to pass along to others at reduced prices. Our goal is to provide you with the things you want at a price you can afford. Although we started as a kennel raising loving puppies, we were unable to travel like we wanted and were forced to downsize to just a few pets.

We have been buying, selling, and trading at flea markets, trade days, festivals, and other events since 2005.

We carry an assortment of Christian t-shirts, such as adult, juniors, and kids, as well as Christian du rags and hoodies on our website,

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The Truth About lending

they specialize in foreclosure, short sales pretty much help the home owner in Ft. Lauderdale Florida

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Winn Dixie

It is a Grocery store in the South. I am not sure where else they are. Thanks

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