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A Key

A Key Consultants is a service company formed to provide direct assistance to the consumer in navigating the healthcare and Insurance industries. We have no affiliation with any Insurance company or law firm.

 With more than 40 years of experience within the healthcare and insurance industry, we noted that the last person to be considered was the consumer. We endeavor to provide clear and concise answers and direction to the consumer, so they can make informed decisions regarding their healthcare and insurance needs


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Atomy Co. is a Korean company based on Christian belief. It is a company that values people above financial wealth. Valuing people is their priority. They believe every person has intrinsic value and shouldn't have to pay high prices for quality products. Everyone should have access no matter what social economic background they come from. They believe they can raise the bar and deliver absolute quality goods at absolute prices while giving consumers an absolute system to become their own boss. 

Founder, CEO Han Gill Park believes no one should be unemployed and consumers should be rewarded as shareholders by getting compensated for their purchases and by helping others to do the same. Atomy is #1 in the highest incentives paid. Not only do members (free) get access to top quality products at drugstore prices, the products are herbal, organic and non-toxic. 

He wants this company to be used by every christian consumer as a vehicle for raising money for missions, ministries and full fill  the mandate that we have been given to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth. It is like nothing I have ever seen.  There are no fees for membership and no fees for having your own personal shopping mall and there are no fees for using the business system to raise support or generate income. Of course, if you just want to be a consumer you have access to great products that is discounted when you buy in bulk. Great savings to share or giveaway.

I have listened to his speeches and find this man to be genuine and passionate about what this company will be able to accomplish through the "people" who run with it by seeking the Kingdom of God first. I have personally watched him give attendees at seminars the Gospel message!

I have used the product for 18 months and is superior in quality at remarkable prices. They have expanded to the USA market in 2010 and have global presence. Their wellness and beauty products are created with the most advanced biotechnology on the global market.  HemoHIM, a health supplement is patented in USA and FDA approved "To Promote Anti-Cancer Activity and boost the immunity.  In Korea, it is the #1 health functional food approved by Korean FDA. I have many testimonies about this health food. The skin care line is made from the same high purity clarification technology and Korean aging science that has 500x's more natural herbal ingredients making it 100xs more effective than any other brand on the global market by using radio fusion technology. This technology comes from the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute. Their Food Biotechnology team also created the International Space Program Food for astronauts and created the first radio pharmaceutical injection to treat liver cancer.  Supreme company. In the past 50 years, KAERI has become the driving force behind Korea's National economic growth.

My husband and I have decided this past month to use this company to help us proceed with the vision God has given us to raise up safe homes for trafficked children in the U.S. and Asia.  As we help others do the same we have created a network of like minded people. Again, without any cost but simply purchasing what I usually would purchase from a retail store for items I use daily, but from my self (Atomy) while helping others to do the same. Together we are working in tandem and building a group of consumers who all share and get compensated from each other purchases. We are in Awe! 

For further information, I can be reached by email:





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Brookshires Food & Pharmacy

Brookshires is a local grocery store chain.  Our only other grocery stores that are convenient are Kroger, Wal-Mart, and one store for Albertsons.  So, it would be very much appreciated if you could do a profile on Brookshires.  Their prices are a little high for me, but I'd much rather pay the extra if I know that they lean more towards a Biblical worldview than Kroger or Wal-Mart.  I am 100% pro-life and 100% traditional family (even though I've been divorced for 15 years), these two areas are important to me.  I don't want to be guilty of supporting a business that in turns supports Planned Parenthood or other companies who support PP.


Thank you so much for your kind consideration of this.

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Old Surety Life Insurance

I believe you will find that above company is a solid Christian organization.  The home office is in Oklahoma City, telephone no. 405-523-4011.  Check them out.

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How can I add my business and products?

I have a home business distributing Mannatech food technologies. How do I get involved?founded by born again Christians.  Mission to wipe out world hunger through a program called "mission 5 Million".  

Hope Nason


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Greetings Hope!

Thanks for your interest in sharing your company with our faith driven community. We're currently looking into a platform that invites faith-friendly business owners to directly engage with faith-driven consumers. We'll be releasing more information in the future, so make sure to keep up to date with

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PluggedIn Online a Better Source of Media Reviews

Although the PTC is a fine organization they are not as reliable in their reviews as PlugedIn Online. Here is the link to their website:

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Is there a way to email the personal tracking number to myself?

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Greetings John,

Yes, you can email the tracking number to yourself. Your tracking number is:

You'll receive credit for anyone who signs up under that address.

You can also recruit through your tracker ID via the "Spread the Word" feature in the side-panel:


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We need to add a lot more companies to the list so consumers can have more alternatives.

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Greetings John,

Thanks for your input! We're currently towards the end of our summer research phase. We'll be adding several more reviewed companies to the list, as well as releasing them in a back-to-school shopping guide. We'll let you know when the additional businesses are added.

In the meanwhile, feel free to recommend any companies for review.

Thanks again!

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