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dump starbucks

I just dumped #Starbucks for supporting gay marriage and you can too.

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Please check out

This is a Christian owned, Veteran owned, Family owned, small business. We set up at festivals across North Louisiana providing Christian themed products to the masses. In addition to selling, we also witness to many who would never step foot inside of a Church due to fear of being judged. We are a business doing ministry and not a ministry doing business.

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Highlight a couple of faith based marriage resources to help solidify Benham Brothers discussion

With regard to topics like the Benham Brothers show involving Biblical marriage challenges it would be good to incorporate Dr. Daniel Heimbach's new book "Why Not Same Sex Marriage" - an excellent resource for addressing the (fallacious) arguments being used to explain why it is okay to defy the Biblical definition and time tested definition in society of what marriage should be (a book review on this site would be great) and then include the Beyond Imagination organization that is based in Raleigh that represents the Biblical marriage values and has helped many to come from a same sex partnership lifestyle "". Highlighting this organization and its work plus involving some of the ministry's followers (plus links to other orgs and resources) can help in the effort to reinstate that marriage is a man and woman.

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Using Faith-Based Art 4 Ads, Events, etc.?😝

Thank you for following my Twitter feed. My prayer is that you enjoy my captures of nature and Give Glory 2 God.

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Boycott Christian Singer Vicky Beeching's Music

This is a very serious issue of Vicky Beeching's rebellion against God where she intends to lead others like herself to hell that she needs to be nudged into leaving Christian singing through Christian boycotts of her music.

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NASA will not hire scientists who believe in Creation theory. Christians pay taxes that go to NASA, and this discrimintory practice is not right. There is sound scientific rationale for believing in Creationism that is being ignored in a biased fahion. Einstein proved other dimensions exist. NASA uses a mathematical equation to predict the possibility of life we don't know about or understand in other parts of the universe. Just because they know next to nothing about other dimensions (supernatural dimensions) or the supernatural life that exists in them, they want to ignore them and pretend they don't exist. But the fact will always be there that they cannot disprove God's existence, and they don't even have an intellectual leg to stand on in light of Einstein's findings and their own predicted life equation. It is pure conjecture and bias, as well as arrogance that leads them in a completely unscientific stance that God is a myth. Unfortunately, we have no Christian friendly alternative to NASA, but maybe with the help of the ACLJ we can force them to stop such biased practices.

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Mozilla shows its devious side again...

Please make others aware of the devious nature of Mozilla! They show here even more that Christians are not really liked! The reason why also Brendan Eich had to leave!

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Penzeys Spices

I have done business with this company for years. However, I just got an email from them where they are "celebrating their state's march towards married equality" (for deviants).

I told them to take me off of their mailing list.

Here is their website's link:

and here is the link to their "celebration" webpage:


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Review our TV/DVD special "Celebrity Miracles" has just completed and is releasing the TV special "Celebrity Miracles" and I would love a review!  Blessings, Leslie Mc Ray  I can send it in an email or forward a DVD.

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Sudan's execution of a Christian

Sudan is the largest exporter of gum arabic and the US is an importer of this product from them. Our purchase of this product is planned to be a record in 2014. As you know Sudan has sentenced a pregnant Sudanese woman to be flogged and hanged for marrying a Christian man and refusing to renounce her Christian faith  If you can do some research it might be possible that we can call upon US and international companies to intercede on this woman's behalf whose plight is certainly a travesty against all Christians.

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There are so many banks out there at this point and time. Would you please evaluate the Banking industry and let us know which ones stand up to our Christian values so that we can support them. Right now, it is difficult to know who is who. Thank you and God Bless you for what you do.

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Dream Works - How to Train Your Dragon 2 Movie

Over the weekend, the Director confirmed the character Go bee voiced by Craig Ferguson came out as gay for this PG movie.  As a result of this decision, I will not be taking my child to see this movie.  on other blogs, parents were disappointed that this behavior is being marketed in kids movies and they, too, voiced their non-support for this movie.


please share so we can be united not to support this movie.

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National Football League

Suggest a similar stance as that taken in regards to HGTV.  I'm a 30+ year fan,  but the celebration of a homosexual player and attempt to silence those voicing criticism and concerns suggests action by the Christian community. 

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bible vs Bible

I heard about you on "In the Market" today so I came to see what's all the hubbub.  I agree with your concept and will see if I can support you.

I would already like to see something changed;

I noticed you not capitalizing the B in Bible.  Is it not God's sacred and holy text?  Doesn't it deserve to be capitalized in all usages?  Are not the rules of capitalization in agreement with me?

Please ensure the noun 'bible' is capitalized in all references to the Christian Bible.

Thanks so much.


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Bob Evans Restaurants

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Rite Aid Pharmacy/Drug Store

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Auto Manufacturers

Thank you that you have started this category.  I hope that you will continue to research and evaluate to cover more, esp. since these are big ticket items.  

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Other sources that provide reviews

Please let your followers know about  Sponsored by Focus on the Family, it provides thorough reviews on movies, music, videos, tv, games,  books, etc. from a biblical perspective.

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