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Penzeys Spices

I have done business with this company for years. However, I just got an email from them where they are "celebrating their state's march towards married equality" (for deviants).

I told them to take me off of their mailing list.

Here is their website's link:

and here is the link to their "celebration" webpage:


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Review our TV/DVD special "Celebrity Miracles" has just completed and is releasing the TV special "Celebrity Miracles" and I would love a review!  Blessings, Leslie Mc Ray  I can send it in an email or forward a DVD.

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Sudan's execution of a Christian

Sudan is the largest exporter of gum arabic and the US is an importer of this product from them. Our purchase of this product is planned to be a record in 2014. As you know Sudan has sentenced a pregnant Sudanese woman to be flogged and hanged for marrying a Christian man and refusing to renounce her Christian faith  If you can do some research it might be possible that we can call upon US and international companies to intercede on this woman's behalf whose plight is certainly a travesty against all Christians.

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There are so many banks out there at this point and time. Would you please evaluate the Banking industry and let us know which ones stand up to our Christian values so that we can support them. Right now, it is difficult to know who is who. Thank you and God Bless you for what you do.

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Dream Works - How to Train Your Dragon 2 Movie

Over the weekend, the Director confirmed the character Go bee voiced by Craig Ferguson came out as gay for this PG movie.  As a result of this decision, I will not be taking my child to see this movie.  on other blogs, parents were disappointed that this behavior is being marketed in kids movies and they, too, voiced their non-support for this movie.


please share so we can be united not to support this movie.

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National Football League

Suggest a similar stance as that taken in regards to HGTV.  I'm a 30+ year fan,  but the celebration of a homosexual player and attempt to silence those voicing criticism and concerns suggests action by the Christian community. 

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bible vs Bible

I heard about you on "In the Market" today so I came to see what's all the hubbub.  I agree with your concept and will see if I can support you.

I would already like to see something changed;

I noticed you not capitalizing the B in Bible.  Is it not God's sacred and holy text?  Doesn't it deserve to be capitalized in all usages?  Are not the rules of capitalization in agreement with me?

Please ensure the noun 'bible' is capitalized in all references to the Christian Bible.

Thanks so much.


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Bob Evans Restaurants

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Rite Aid Pharmacy/Drug Store

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Auto Manufacturers

Thank you that you have started this category.  I hope that you will continue to research and evaluate to cover more, esp. since these are big ticket items.  

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Other sources that provide reviews

Please let your followers know about  Sponsored by Focus on the Family, it provides thorough reviews on movies, music, videos, tv, games,  books, etc. from a biblical perspective.

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Can you do a review of "Frozen" please? That movie has witchcraft in it.  It also sends a dangerous message to little girls saying, "I don't need a man in my life." However, the love between sisters is nice.  That's probably the only good thing about "Frozen." 

Disney movies in general send humanist and misleading messages like, "Anything your heart desires will come true." ("Pinnochio" - When you wish upon a star).  The Lion King and Pocahantus spreads the native American religion that God is the trees, God is the wind.  Look at the deeper in these Disney movies, and you'll see that the messages are not of The One True God.  The messages are humanist, full of witchcraft, and deeply secular.  Disney has always leaned against a Biblical worldview in my opinion.  I'm sure Disney has done humanly good philanthropy projects, but they do not believe in God.  At least from the movies I've seen.

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MARS candies

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Books, Authors, and Book Publishing Companies

Today, my husband was wondering if any of the authors he reads are Christian.  He also wonders if there are such book genres as Christian Sci-Fi.  He doubts it because he's found that most sci-fi books are either mainly humanist or leaning against a Biblical worldview.  However, these things would be good to list for the website.

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Samuel Adams Beer

I never really thought about it until this story:

Now I think we should take a hard look at their politics and charity work.

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NBC - use of Christs name a cuss word on TV

Recently NBC has allowed programming to air in which both Christ's name and Gods name have been used in a derogatory fashion.

In a recent episode of Revlolution 'Exposition Boulevard' at 4 minutes into the episode the characters 'monroe' and 'charlie' are walking down the path 'monroe' says something about charlie 'banging his son' and Charlie says under her breath 'Jesus'.

In a recent episode of Parks and Recreation 'Anniversaries' I believe the Leslie character says 'Oh my Fing god' at the end of the episode.

In a 60 minutes episode from Fall 2013 on a story about crocodiles Anderson Cooper says 'Jesus Christ'.

This trend to using the Lords name as a cuss word would have been unheard of 10 years ago but is becoming more and more prevalent.  Please write these stations when you hear this happening so they know that Christians will not stand idly by on the side lines.

In Canada, it is likely too late, and the Canadian Radio and Television Broadcast Corporation regularly shoots down these types of complaints saying it is no longer considered swearing or derogatory language.

Please Christians in the US stand up for this or your children will be exposed to this language on a regular basis before you know it!


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Disney Company Stripping Funding from Boy Scouts

May I suggest we create a petition asking the Walt Disney Company to reinstate funding the Boy Scouts of America in Florida?  If you are not aware, Walt Disney had a program where its employee through their own efforts could generate money that Disney would donate to a certain charitable organization. Since the Boy Scouts does not allow gay leaders, Walt Disney has removed it from the list of organizations that can receive funds. This decision harms an organization that instills positive values and diminishes the "moral/religious" voice of Disney employees. Please support the idea of petition similar to what was done to A&E with Duck Dynasty. WE NEED TO LET THEM KNOW HOW WE FEEL. Here is the story:  Fight the good fight!

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I like the Hy-vee grocery store for it's low prices and especially for it's health market and large produce section.  I know they support Susan G. Komen though.  What a shame!

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If cannot speak about the whole company.  I can telL you that the Culver's in my community (Reynoldsburg, Ohio) is owners by someone in my church. The gentleman who owns it is always helping at our church, in the community.  He runs an honest business and always offers 10% off on Sundays with AnyChurch bulletin from any Church.  I have been to many locations around the country, and have always had excellent service At every location.  I have not found anything specific on their web site  about Christian Values, they do live them in there service to the customers.  

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publix groceries

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