Super Bowl 50 is This Sunday—Here’s How You Can Mix Football, Family, Friends and Faith in a Fun, New Interactive Game


With millions of Americans buying food, beverages, decorations, TVs and electronics, and other items for Super Bowl 50 parties this year, we’re encouraging Faith Driven Consumers to actively do business with brands that are more faith compatible.

And to help you do just this, we’ve rated all of this year’s Super Bowl advertisers for faith compatibility—and launched a fun, new interactive game to help you pay for your Super Bowl party. 

With our interactive experience, all you have to do is click around on the graphic to discover the relative faith compatibility of the product brands you’ll be buying across 10 specific categories as you prepare for Sunday. 

Even better—each time you find one of the 10 categories in our interactive graphic (just like Where’s Waldo), you’ll be entered to win a $25 gift card to cover the cost of some of your Super Bowl Party items. When you find all 10 Super Bowl product categories, you’ll be entered to win a $250 Walmart gift card to fund your whole Super Bowl party!

Just go to and get started right now! 

As you know, the Faith Equality Index (FEI) rates, on a 100-point scale, how well brands welcome, embrace and celebrate Faith Driven Consumers. It’s the benchmark we use to make consumer choices—through the lens of our biblical worldview. 

Check out the FEI scores for Super Bowl 50 advertisers here:

  • Acura: 46
  • Honda: 46
  • Pepsi: 38
  • Mountain Dew: 38
  • Marmot: 38
  • Heinz: 37
  • Mini USA: 36
  • Avocados from Mexico: 35
  • Butterfinger: 32
  • Amazon: 32
  • Hyundai: 30
  • Kia: 30
  • Audi: 29
  • Buick: 29
  • Taco Bell: 29
  • Doritos: 27
  • SunTrust: 25
  • Toyota: 25
  • Skittles: 24
  • Snickers: 24
  • Coca-Cola: 23
  • Colgate: 22
  • T-Mobile: 19
  • Axe: 11


And click here to view the Super Bowl advertiser FEI ratings in greater detail: 

Finally, don’t forget to check out the complete Faith Equality Index—with scores for more than 450 brands at, or download the free Apple FDC App.

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