Super Bowl Sunday Advertisements


By Adaline Haseltine

Football is an American past time. Since the game was first invented, Americans have gathered to watch the sporting event. This Sunday will be no exception as it will be Super Bowl Sunday as we watch the Giants play the Patriots.  The term itself has come to mean a grand climatic event and is used in every day conversation.

With tickets selling at record rates and the first online streaming of the game, Super Bowl XLVI is sure to be the sporting event of the year. On Sunday night, millions of football fans will get together to eat food, watch football, and of course, watch the long-awaited commercials.

The commercials airing during the Super Bowl this year will cost companies a whopping $3.5 million for a 30-second spot. And to ensure you remember a company’s costly spot, marketers are willing to go to any length in their company’s commercial.

This year, Super Bowl viewers can expect to see two very provocative Go Daddy commercials. One of the commercials will feature two women painting domain names on to a naked model and the other will show scantily dressed women in a man’s “fantasy.” An H&M commercial will introduce a David Beckham Menswear line with David Beckham shown only in underwear.

By contrast, Tim Tebow is representing Jockey by wearing jeans rather than just Jockey underwear. This puts a new twist on advertising for brands that would otherwise call for more nudity.

While some companies will use sex appeal to get people’s attention, other companies will use humor and other techniques. According to one expert, “If you [advertise] well, it has the opportunity to set your company straight or change the direction of your company. You’ll never get all those people in one room again until next year.”

As Faith Driven Consumers we have a choice. After seeing Super Bowl commercials, we can decide if the commercial a company released respected our Christian values. Let’s help reward companies that use wholesome advertising this Super Bowl and let those companies know that we appreciated the way they advertised.

How will you respond to the commercials this year?  Will you support companies that respect your biblical values?

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