Target Takes Sides in Culture War again with Line of Gay Pride-themed T-Shirts


Retailer donates sales proceeds to marriage redefinition group

In today’s budget-conscious economic environment, many consumers go to big-box retailers like Target and Wal-Mart to find the best deals and lower prices.

However, in attempting to stay within their budgets, many faith-driven Christians unwittingly support companies that contribute directly to causes that are diametrically opposed to their faith and core beliefs on important cultural issues like marriage, sexuality and the family.

From Target's website

Most recently, Target released a line of t-shirts that support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) “Pride Month.”

June is the annual politically charged celebration of the LGBT community that commemorates the Stonewall Riots of June 28, 1969. Specifically, Target stated on its website, “For each PRIDE item sold, Target will donate 100% of the purchase price to Family Equality Council.”

These donations by Target to the Family Equality Council — up to $120,000 — have drawn the attention of many Christian and pro-family organizations because of the group’s stated goals to “[change] attitudes and policies to ensure all families are celebrated— especially families with parents who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.”

Clearly, Target’s public endorsement of the Family Equality Council helps further the goals of the LGBT community for same-sex “marriage” laws, which ultimately promote a radical redefinition of the natural, traditional and biblical understanding of marriage as one man and one woman.

In response, Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, asked Christians to contact Target about this public endorsement of the LGBT political agenda:

“The company said it wanted to ‘resonate beyond fashion.’ But if they’re looking to resonate with Americans, they ought to try defending marriage. According to voters, the country’s still very opposed to redefining it. Let Target know that its agenda isn’t your style. Log on to, scroll down, and click ‘Contact Us.’”

Similarly, the American Family Association is asking its members to contact Target and “let them know that as long as the retailer donates cash to promote something in which they do not believe, they will shop elsewhere.”

As a Faith Driven Consumer, how can you most effectively navigate the inevitable tension? How do you stand for what you believe in the marketplace while simultaneously taking a stand against corporations that support activist political organizations which actively seek to undermine your faith, values, and ultimately, religious freedom?

While choosing to boycott a retailer like Target may be a level of engagement you are comfortable with, consider also the option to “shop elsewhere” – or “buycott” – a competing brand which has chosen to remain neutral in culturally divisive issues, such as the promotion of the LGBT political agenda.

Though a faith-compatible brand alternative in a given retail sector is not always an option, in the case of Target, there is a company that’s doing things better from a Faith Driven Consumer perspective — Wal-Mart.

The Faith Driven Consumer website, offers insight into which companies are operating in more faith-friendly ways. Within the ‘Company Reviews’ section, Wal-Mart scores higher than Target in the “Big Box Retailers” category – with 3.5 stars on a 5-star scale, compared to 1.5 stars for Target. This means that Wal-Mart is more compatible with a biblical worldview whereas Target is significantly less compatible with a biblical worldview.

As Faith Driven Consumers, we have an obligation to steward our daily resources and activities in ways that glorify God. And we have the ability to make informed choices about purchasing decisions from retailers that most closely support our values or at a minimum remain neutral in morally and culturally divisive issues.

Whether we choose to boycott Target or “buycott” from Wal-Mart, take every opportunity to educate and equip yourself with helpful knowledge about these companies to make the decision that best aligns with your faith and value system.

In doing so, you’ll not only feel good about your choices and make your voice heard; you’ll also honor God in the process.

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