Testimonial From the Value Voters Summit


Our intern, Addy Haseltine, recently went to Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. She speaks of her experience in this post:

Washington D.C. is one of my favorite places–having spent a good portion of my childhood (up until I was ten) in the area, the monuments and the streets never get old.

Now that I live in Raleigh, North Carolina, the pace of life is completely different;and coming back to D.C. to visit family always brings a shock for me. It is inevitable that going to DC now I will see people begging for food, business people shuffling by, and gay pride flags hanging from most of the stores on a street. Has the city changed or have I grown up?

Well, it is both. The once pinnacle of American freedom has become a place of sin and frivolous politics. The ‘change’ we were promised was a broken promise, and Americans are demanding  honesty and moral values from our leaders. But, where are these leaders?

I believe the future leaders of America were at the Values Voter Summit.

Presidential runners Rick PerryHerman Cain and Rick Santorum spoke out against the moral decline of America and the broken promises coming from the White House. In Glenn Beck’s address to Values Voter, he said that Americans need to put their money where there heart is and go back to their places of worship if we want to see change in America.

Laura Ingram spoke of her children and the future they will have in American should we continue down this path. This really stuck with me throughout my time at VVS.

As a college student, Values Voter Summit brought about many opportunities, including a student mixer. While I was at the mixer, it was inspiring to see how many young people held the same values as me. In that room, I met the future leaders of America.

A recent graduate of UCLA, Lila Rose, spoke out against abortion and Planned Parenthood. She has started a movement among young people across America. Jason Mattera, author of Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation, is creating a political movement among young conservative to challenge and question liberal leaders with videos he calls ‘ambush interviews.’

I think Americans need to wake up and realize that the future of America is in our youth. My generation will one day lead America. This generation needs our leaders and adults to stand up for biblical values–the values of the family, honesty, dignity, and morals–or else our country will fail to stand for the freedom I knew when I was little.

I encourage you, as a Faith Driven Consumer, to stand up for the youth of America by voting in the presidential nomination and election for a leader you know will uphold the values of Christians. America needs a president who will defend the Faith Driven Consumer Biblical worldview.

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