Testimonial Tuesday: Where is the Wholesome Entertainment?


By Adaline Haseltine

When is the last time you went to the movies and felt it somewhat matched the values you hold?

As Christians, it can be stressful going to the movies, knowing you may be exposed to themes and situations that are convicting. So often there is a sex scene involving a couple who are not married or the language is beyond the  language that you hear walking down a busy street. In any case, there just aren’t many movies that align with the views Christians hold.

Living in an apartment, my college roommates and I will often crowd around the TV to watch a movie we just rented from Red Box and by the end of the movie we are either upset or angry with how the movie turned out. Why is that?

I have determined it to be two reasons:

  1. These movies do not hold the biblical truths  my roommates and I believe. Movies focus too much on sex, materialism, drugs, divorce, and affairs with no real consequence for the characters’ actions. Movies have created an artificial world where living a life that does not follow Christ has no consequences –  where women who sleep with men outside of marriage end up with the man at the end. This is not reality.
  2. These movies do not satiate my hunger for real love.  Many people talk about why women are obsessed with marriage and addicted to movies with “fairy-tale” endings—you know, the romantic comedy genre that the media tells us is true. Love does not come from premarital sex or having the most romantic relationship where the man you are dating is perfect every day. We are sinful by nature and life will get complicated as we walk out our lives with another person.

Recently, I saw the movie ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’ and it was awesome.  The movie follows Kate (Sarah Jessica Parker) who is trying to balance a career and family—something we see a lot of today. Throughout the movie, there were several situations that could have gone against my faith but didn’t. There was opportunity for Kate to have an affair with her boss, in which she refused by telling him about how wonderful her husband was and how much she loved him. In another scene, one of Kate’s coworker’s questions whether to have an abortion and Kate talks her out of the abortion, explaining to her the gift of children. And at the end when Kate is finally figuring out her place as a woman in the world of work and home she says “trying to be a man is a waste of a woman,” which  spoke volumes to me as a woman of faith.

Finally I had watched a movie that seemed to take into account the values I hold as both a woman and a Christian. And it was funny! While there is some cursing, I really enjoyed how it handled difficult life situations in a way that did not compromise my beliefs. This is a really great movie—despite the four out of ten rating on Rotten Tomatoes for having a “hopelessly outdated” view on gender.

I have no definitive solution on how to find movies that Christians can agree with, other than a series of recent movies like Fireproof, October Baby, Soul Surfer, and Courageous, which leave me wanting more of Christ.

I encourage you to keep using Faith Driven Consumer as a resource. Let’s be a community that demands more wholesome entertainment by buying and attending movies that support our beliefs. Let’s be a community that wants more of Christ in our movies and not more of the things of this world.

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