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In a culture where commitment, marriage and family are increasingly devalued and deconstructed to suit individual desires, Faith Driven Consumers will find THE SONG to be a breath of fresh air that celebrates marital passion and love in a raw—yet fresh—way that’s authentic and relatable. Opening in theaters nationwide on September 26th, this romantic drama is produced by City on a Hill, written and directed by Richard Ramsey (Gods at War) and stars relative newcomers Alan Powell as Jed King, Ali Faulkner as Rose Jordan King and Caitlin Nicol-Thomas as Shelby Bale.  

Inspired by the biblical Song of Solomon, THE SONG is a modern-day, poetic retelling of the search for meaning and purpose. And the film’s music-driven storyline will resonate deeply with fans of the Americana, Blue Grass and Country genres. More importantly, THE SONG offers an inspiring, true-to-life depiction of the intimate joys and struggles of marriage that will challenge viewers to take stock of their own priorities and relationships in the face of alluring, fleshly temptations and delights.   

Overall Faith and/or Biblical Relevance


With narration directly from the writings of Solomon and timeless characters that bring the books of Ecclesiastes and Proverbs to life—echoing the reality that “there’s nothing new under the sun”—THE SONG shares profound and compelling biblical truths about love, wisdom and folly in ways that will resonate with believers and nonbelievers alike. And while the Church has largely abdicated its responsibility to teach the generations about godly sex and faith, THE SONG navigates these subjects head on—helping to show the way forward to both a Church and wider culture that has become increasingly adrift on the sea of postmodern subjectivity and revisionism.  

The Song of Solomon is often referred to as the “sexiest book of the Bible.” Similarly, THE SONG is a sexy, faith-driven film that depicts love, commitment and longing in the context of real-world temptations to adultery, addiction and self-centeredness—ultimately upholding marriage as a beautiful and special gift to be cherished and treasured as Christ loves His bride, the Church.

Faith-compatible Depiction of Characters and Character Relationships


Just as the Bible is filled with people whose lives are messy and marred by sin, THE SONG depicts flawed and fallen characters subject to the same temptations that tug at every human heart—making it highly relatable to most viewers. Similar to the biblical Solomon and his father, King David, Jed is a talented, aspiring singer and songwriter whose life is overshadowed by the specter of his late—and very famous—singer/songwriter father, David King. And much like Solomon’s life, THE SONG depicts generational sins that flow from father to son as Jed repeats some of his father’s mistakes.

Here, Jed falls for and marries a beautiful woman named Rose, from a town called Sharon. He delights in her beauty, sings over her in song and finally finds his voice as an artist. Increasingly thrust into the international spotlight as a musician, Jed is faced with the temptations that come with fame and fortune—ultimately falling to the wiles of fellow musician, Shelby, with whom he and his band have been paired by concert promoters. Meanwhile Rose struggles to honor her father and balance an increasingly isolated life with a young son whose father is away from home for months at a time on tour with his band and Shelby.     

Faith-compatible Depiction of Situations


Reflecting the imagery of wine and weddings found throughout the Bible, the context for THE SONG is set in a vineyard owned and operated by Rose’s father.  While some may be uncomfortable with graphic and gritty themes of adultery, betrayal and addiction that unfold in THE SONG, every situation is handled in a faith-compatible way that bears strong resemblance to stories in the Bible.

Like Solomon, Jed’s initially strong faith moves him to seek God’s wisdom in order to live well. Yet as folly pulls Jed’s focus and his marriage falls apart, the words of Solomon in Ecclesiastes ring true—there is a time and a season for everything. Here, the institution of marriage is repeatedly affirmed and the church is depicted as a place of safe haven. 

Family Viewing Suitability


With its PG-13 rating for thematic elements including some substance abuse, smoking and rude references, THE SONG is suitable for adults and teens 13 and older with parental supervision. It paints a realistic picture of the challenge of living a faith-driven life in a fallen world and raises important questions for age-appropriate viewers to consider from a biblical worldview. 

Entertainment Value


At 116 minutes in length, THE SONG is a great date movie grounded in the biblical themes of faith and fidelity, temptation and trials, redemption and restoration. The institution of marriage is held high and the importance of good fathering is highlighted. Significantly, God is central to the story line and love is the power that heals.

Produced by a team of great story tellers who clearly believe in faith and family, THE SONG features high production values and solid, if somewhat uneven, acting from the cast.  And its fresh and compelling take on the Wisdom of Solomon, which transcends time, place and culture—all set to a fantastic musical backdrop—will engage both faith-driven and secular audiences alike.  

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