Tim Tebow Continues to Display Faith on Football Field


By Adaline Haseltine

As the Broncos are inching closer to the Super Bowl after another win on Sunday night, Tim Tebow continues to grow in popularity, especially regarding his faith.

Following up on our article about Tim Tebow, we would like to continue to encourage him in his incredible journey to the Super Bowl. Tebow has remained strong in his faith among the criticism; and though his “Tebowing” move has been mocked, he has quickly become America’s favorite quarterback.

Across the country, Tebow has become a hot topic for football viewers. He is talked about on the news and was recently depicted in a Saturday Night Live skit. So, why has Tebow captured the attention of the media? Why are we seeing Tebow everywhere?

Faith Driven Consumer speculates that this may be because he is a good guy—someone America doesn’t see much of anymore. With shows depicting men who commit adultery, abuse their spouses, and are “sex crazed,” America is lacking a positive male figure.

Tebow has become a role model. His Christian values, public displays of faith, and daily walk  through his challenges prove he is a Christian figure in the spotlight who people can admire. Parents can finally feel comfortable allowing their children to have a role model who has so much media attention.

Just weeks ago, Tim Tebow wrote John 3:16 across his face prompting millions of people to Google the verse—exposing them to the Gospel. His displays of faith have created a path for Christians to have a voice in the media.

Imagine a marketplace where we had more male figures like Tebow. By supporting other Christians in their efforts and uniting as one, we are better able to make an impact for Christ.

Just as Tebow is paving a way in entertainment, Faith Driven Consumer is creating the path for Christians to have a voice in the marketplace. Let’s continue to support Tim Tebow as he has been strong in his faith while actively sharing the Gospel. Now is the time for all of us to step up to the plate and display our faith.

Latest Tebow Skit:

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