Twitter Apologizes!


You are amazing! 

Once all of you heard about Twitter blocking Faith Driven Consumers from tweeting, you took to Twitter and made your voices heard. And then, the media picked up on what you were doing. The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, The Daily Caller, The Drudge Report, and dozens of other news outlets including The Kelly File on Fox News Channel started reporting on this story. 

In only a few hours, Twitter apologized through the news website MarketingLand: 

“The URL was mistakenly flagged as spam tonight, by an outside organization that tracks spam sources. We have restored access and apologize for the error."

While Twitter has not yet communicated with us or acknowledged you, the community, they were compelled to respond because of the groundswell of support. This was all because you made YOUR voice as a Faith Driven Consumer heard. We're so grateful for your help. 

We hope you continue to share the petition with all your friends and family members during this Christmas season, and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Click the link below to tweet the petition to your friends on Twitter: 


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