CHRISTIAN POST: Twitter Blocks '' Supporting 'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson Following A&E Suspension


“Social network giant Twitter has reportedly blocked users from tweeting the phrase "," a hashtag representing the petition drive to have Phil Robertson reinstated to A&E's "Duck Dynasty" reality show. Robertson was indefinitely suspended from the show last week after he described homosexuality as a sin in an interview with GQ Magazine.

Faith Driven Consumer, an organization that connects Christian consumers with faith-compatible companies, announced Monday that Twitter has reportedly blocked use of the "" hashtag, and implores all followers of the petition to contact Twitter's customer support account to have the phrase reinstated to the social media network.

Since the Twitter campaign for Robertson was started four days ago, it has garnered nearly 200,000 supporters.

"Despite Twitter's shut down of, we are surging through 200,000 supporters. In recent days, is among the top trending hash tags on Twitter," Chris Stone, Founder of Faith Driven Consumer, said in a press release issued by the organization. "We're encouraging supporters to be heard, Tweet the @support or @twitter account, and use their other means of communication to get back online."”

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