FOX: Twitter briefly blocks pro-Phil Robertson site


“For a brief time on Monday, Twitter made it very clear that they don’t stand with Phil Robertson.

The social networking site blocked tweets that included the pro-Robertson petition site,

Once “Duck Dynasty” fans noticed the block, Twitter restored access to tweets, explaining that the website URL had been mistakenly flagged as spam, a Twitter spokesperson told FOX411. 

"We have restored access and apologize for the error," the spokesperson said. launched shortly after a controversial interview with the Robertson dad was published in GQ. In the in-depth story, Robertson made graphic, negative comments about homosexual sex and he was subsequently placed on an indefinitely suspension by A&E, the network behind “Duck Dynasty.”

The petition on asks A&E to “immediately reinstate Mr. Robertson to Duck Dynasty, and to formally apologize to him, his family, and the millions of viewers who tune in every week.” It has garnered more than 200,000 signatures as of Tuesday morning.”

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