IB TIMES: Twitter Restores Links To 'I Stand With Phil' Petition: Social Media Site Blames Oversight In 'Duck Dynasty' Phil Robertson Controversy


“Twitter has restored blocked links to the URL IStandWithPhil.com, the website from Faith Driven Consumer that encourages backers of embattled “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson to sign a petition calling on A&E to reinstate Robertson amid his controversial suspension from the popular show.

Faith Driven Consumer, an organization that connects Christian consumers with “faith-compatible companies,” alerted Robertson supporters about the blocked link to IStandWithPhil.com on Monday.

The group credited enraged “Duck Dynasty” supporters for Twitter fixing the issue.

“While Twitter has not yet communicated with us or acknowledged you, the IStandWithPhil.com community, they were compelled to respond because of the groundswell of support. This was all because you made YOUR voice as a Faith Driven Consumer heard. We're so grateful for your help,” the group said.

The petition asking A&E, the channel that broadcasts “Duck Dynasty,” to reinstate Robertson's show is nearing its goal of 250,000 signatures. As of Wednesday afternoon, the petition had more than 224,000 signatures.”

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