Two Christian Schools Facing Off Denied Prayer in Championship Game


You can't make this stuff up. 

Two Florida Christian schools faced each other last month in a state championship football game, and were told by the Florida High School Athletic Association that they could not begin the game with a word of prayer. The term “Christian” school obviously means that these schools are specifically defined as learning institutions in which faith is the defining factor, and as such prayer is a front-and-center practice. Despite this, and the fact that in this case two Christian schools faced each other (not a case where a Christian school was facing a secular school), they were still told no. 

Reports Fox News, "They told both Christian schools that offering a pre-game prayer was against the law – that it could be viewed as an endorsement of religion since the schools would be praying on government property.” 

“This is ridiculous,” said Jeremy Dys, an attorney with Liberty Institute. “We’ve got two Christian schools being told they can’t pray. We have the state trying to impose strictures upon the church. I think we’ve gone a long way away from who we are as a country when the state starts telling Christian schools they can no longer pray in public.”

As believers, we need to band together and stand for our faith, whether that is in schools, government, church, or in the marketplace, we have a calling to be “salt” and “light” in this world.

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