Two NC Pastors Confront Evil with Good, What Happens Next is Amazing…


Pastors Larry Wright and Robbie McLaughlin—both from North Carolina—have faced difficult circumstances lately, but neither of them backed down. In fact, they did just the opposite, confronting evil with good.

According to several reports, a man with a rifle walked into Pastor Wright’s Fayetteville, North Carolina church on New Year’s Eve during a service. Writes Kaitlyn Schallhorn, “The man, whose name has not yet been released, reportedly walked into Heal the Land Outreach Ministries…approximately 20 minutes before midnight, saying that the Lord had told him to go to the church prior to doing something wrong. Pastor Larry Wright, 57, said he noticed the man as he walked into his church — hoisting the gun in the air in one hand and holding loaded ammunition clips in another hand.”

Wright immediately stepped down from the pulpit, walking directly toward the man, and asked him, “Can I help you?” 

What happened next is incredible. After speaking with him, Pastor Wright prayed with and embraced him, and four other deacons did the same. He gave his life to Christ that night, and even spoke to the whole church, apologizing for his actions. “It’s so hard to describe, to explain the excitement and love of God in the room. This man came in to do harm, and he has given his life to Christ,” Wright told CNN.

Over in Harrisburg, North Carolina, Pastor Robbie McLaughlin of Hope City Church faced a different situation. Billy Hallowell writes that a burglar broke in to the church and stole cash from two safes. The pastor reacted by immediately posting on Facebook


Nobody has stepped forward yet, so stay tuned as this story develops! What can we take from all this? The Scriptures call us to be salt and light, whether that means confronting a potentially dangerous situation, or engaging people in our daily activities, it is the same calling and mission.

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