Want to Watch Faith & Family on TV with your Family? UP Network’s ‘Bringing Up Bates’ is a Great Option


Season 2 premieres Thursday, June 4th at 9 p.m. ET

As entertainment producers deliver more faith-friendly fare to meet the needs of Faith Driven Consumers like you and me, “Bringing Up Bates”—a mega-family reality show now in its second season on the UP network—is a program the whole family can enjoy together.

“Bringing Up Bates” follows the lives of Gil and Kelly Jo Bates and their 19 children-member family, kids ranging from the age of 3 to 26. As evangelical Christians, the family seeks to live out their biblical values in east Tennessee. That means homeschooling, little-to-no TV, modest dress, and traditional courtships that aim to protect purity.

Even work is a family affair for the Bates. Gil runs a tree-service business with the help of three of his sons.

In the upcoming second season, viewers can tune in to see how the Bates experience the birth of their first grandchild, work to support two of their oldest daughters in their young marriages, and help another daughter as she continues to pursue a courtship.

We’ve got a quick video teaser here for you to check out; it’s worth a look. The second season of “Bringing Up Bates” premieres on Thursday, June 4, exclusively on UP

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