Websites Participate in protest of SOPA Regulation


On January 18, thousands of websites went “black” in an effort to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) legislation.

In support of the protest, Wikipedia has “blacked-out” its website for the day, Google has a black sign over its logo, and thousands of other websites have “blacked-out” their web services.

The SOPA legislation has gotten a lot of heat recently, and the American people are speaking out against it. Recently, revealed its support for SOPA. In response to its support of the bill, “GoDaddy lost over 15,000 domains [the first day] and then another 21,054 [the next day]”, totaling 37,000 transfers by the third day.

So what does this have to do with Faith Driven Consumer?

Well, 37,000 people and thousands of companies are speaking out against something they do not believe in.

Imagine if millions of Christians gathered together to make their voices heard and  companies wanted to support those voices. This engagement would have a major impact on the marketplace.

Let’s work together to make the Faith Driven Consumer voice heard by spreading the word and using our company reviews and resources as tools to help make more faithful consumer decisions.  Share this blog with your friends and encourage them to get engaged TODAY!

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