What’s New With the ‘Duck Dynasty’ Crew? A Las Vegas Musical, Of Course!


This just in from The New York Times and Variety:  The Robertsons are working with producers, writers and composers to bring to the stage the food, faith and family values that form the foundation of the success of their hit A+E show, Duck Dynasty.

Scheduled to open in February, 2015, at the Rio hotel and casino in Las Vegas, “The Duck Commander Family Musical” will feature actors playing the roles of various Robertson family members in a 90-minute show based on the 2012 book by Willie and Korie Robertson, The Duck Commander Family: How Faith, Family, and Ducks Built a Dynasty.

According to Duck Commander CEO, Willie Robertson, Willie Robertson, the development of the show has been “a great ride so far” for the family. “We’ve enjoyed the process of making a musical alongside the team who is interested in telling the Robertson family story from an outside perspective.”

Given the national debate sparked last year by patriarch Phil Robertson’s Bible-based comments on homosexuality, it’s no surprise that some in the gay and theater communities are less than enthusiastic about this beloved evangelical Christian family going from the bayou to Broadway. Said veteran Broadway producer Emanuel Azenbert, “It’s pretty disgusting, but it’s also a reminder that Broadway is mostly about making entertainment today—not art—even if it means getting involved with a family whose members say things that offend a lot of people working on Broadway.”

Despite skepticism from cultural elites, producers are betting that there’s enough overlap between the sizeable fan base for Duck Dynasty—with its peak viewership of 11 million viewers—to create a sustainable show for the Las Vegas marketplace.

While time will soon tell if “The Duck Commander Family Musical” makes it big, tell us what you think about the Robertson’s story being told on stage?  Is this a show you’d go see if you were in Vegas?

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