Where Americans Spend Their Time


Time is a precious commodity when you consider the busyness that consumes our life in America. Unlike other cultures, Americans value every moment they get to work, rest, play, sleep, or just spend time with their families.

recent survey by the Wall Street Journal asked Americans how they spend their day. The study concluded that Americans spend the most time sleeping at approximately eight hours and 23 minutes and the least time in call, mail and email at approximately 11 minutes. According to the study–besides work and work-related activities–Americans spend the a large majority of their time mostly involved in leisurely activities:

  • Watching television: 2 hr. 31 min.
  • Leisure and sports (excluding TV watching): 2hr. 9 min
  • Eating and Drinking: 1 hr. 12 min.
  • Personal Care: 49 min.

Christians in America are bombarded daily with messages to spend time on the things of this world. These messages come from the shows we watch and the places we go–telling us to pursue the American dream, ultimately detracting our time spent focusing on God.

Americans have been so affected by these messages that approximately 16 minutes are spent in organizational, civic, and religious activities. These 16 minutes may not be limited to religious activities.

Faith Driven Consumer believes the amount of time spent on religious activities is too low for a person who wants to seek and pursue God, especially in comparison to the time spent watching television and participating in leisure and sports.

As Faith Driven Consumers, we need to be purposeful with our time and encourage companies whose messages align with our values. If Americans are going to be spending most of their time watching television, eating and drinking, let’s hold companies accountable for the content it uses to advertise its products and the messages it sends on television shows.


Graphic from the Department of Labor

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